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France burns: Destructive violence highlights failed immigration policy

Sky News Australia3,39 Mio. Abonnenten Thanks150.226 Aufrufe 05.07.2023 Sky News All Stars France is in a summer of violence and destruction following the police shooting death of 17-year-old Nahel Merzouk. Sky News All Stars Andrew Bolt and Esther Krakue say the destruction highlights the failed immigration policies and lack of assimilation in France.

Ich war UNDERCOVER auf einer DRAG-SHOW für Kinder 🏳️‍🌈 (ging schief…)

Ketzer der Neuzeit304.000 Abonnenten Thanks164.787 Aufrufe Premiere am 03.07.2023 Nächste Woche geht das Abenteuer weiter! Aber auf https://thedeviant.de könnt ihr jetzt unseren ersten Ketzer-Original-Film, inklusive 5 Stunden Podcast-Content als Bonusmaterial, streamen und unsere Arbeit dadurch direkt unterstützen.

The Man Behind WEF — What Does He Really Believe? | #6

Larry Alex Taunton83.500 Abonnenten Clip146.056 Aufrufe Premiere am 20.06.2023 Ideas Have Consequences Use the code “IDEAS” to get my special offer of access to Tome Exclusive for only $8.25 a month for the year! Get it here: https://tomeapp.com/ Who is Klaus Schwab? He is one of the most influential people in the world, yet almost […]

Who Is Funding the Trans Movement?

Mikhaila Peterson977.000 Abonnenten Thanks374.342 Aufrufe 27.06.2022 #Feminist#Transgender#WomensRightsFrom the episode:    • Inclusiveness or …   Read these: https://thefederalist.com/2018/02/20/…https://novofoundation.org/timeline/https://www.opensocietyfoundations.org/ (George Soros) https://www.firstthings.com/web-exclu… Kara Dansky is an attorney, writer, gender rights advocate, and President of the U.S. chapter of Women’s Declaration International. Kara is committed to protecting the rights, privacy, and safety of women and girls on the basis of sex in […]

Lesson from History: Transgender Mania is Sign of Cultural Collapse – Camille Paglia

Gravitahn62.600 Abonnenten Clip4.007.940 Aufrufe 15.12.2016 Author, art professor, feminist, and cultural commentator Camille Paglia speaks on the current transgender mania, the wisdom of early medical & surgical intervention (calling it “child abuse”), and how the explosion of gender identities is a recurring sign of cultural collapse throughout the history of civilization. Forbes Breaking News1,44 Mio. Abonnenten […]

Trump Again Attacks Lia Thomas, Slams Transgender Rights And Critical Race Theory In Raucous Rally

Forbes Breaking News Forbes Breaking News1,61 Mio. Abonnenten Speichern254.892 Aufrufe 19.03.2023 At his Monday rally in Davenport, Iowa, former President Trump slammed transgender rights and the teaching of critical race theory. Fuel your success with Forbes. Gain unlimited access to premium journalism, including breaking news, groundbreaking in-depth reported stories, daily digests and more. Plus, members get […]

Joe Rogan: Our Institutions are CONTROLLING US!

Step Universe348 Abonnenten Clip21.347 Aufrufe 03.03.2023 #joerogan#1949#jreJRE #1949 with Russell Brand https://open.spotify.com/episode/7p7u… Russell Brand is a comedian, actor, author, activist, and host of the podcast “Stay Free with Russell Brand.” #joerogan#jre#podcast Americans say government is corrupt and rigged against me!! BY JAKE THOMAS ON 7/1/22 AT 7:51 PM EDT00:39 Facebook Whistleblower Claims ‘Anger And Hate Is Easiest […]

Who Killed Malcolm X? Family Files $100 Million Lawsuit Against FBI, NYPD & Others to Find the Truth

Democracy Now!1,34 Mio. Abonnenten Speichern12.419 Aufrufe 22.02.2023 Latest ShowsOn the 58th anniversary of Malcolm X’s assassination, civil rights lawyer Benjamin Crump announced a new lawsuit from Malcolm X’s surviving family seeking compensation from the NYPD, CIA and FBI for its role in concealing evidence in his murder case. This lawsuit comes more than a year after […]

Skandal: Arzt enthüllt das WAHRE Ausmaß der lmpfschäden!

Darius225.000 Abonnenten Thanks66.507 Aufrufe 12.02.2023 Lass uns die gemeinsam die GRÖßTE Community bilden! Dafür musst Du mir nur hier folgen: 👉Telegram: https://t.me/dariuskanal 👉Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dariusshaba… Sicher Dir unser T-shirt: 👉https://www.shirtee.com/de/store/dari… Downloade mein Gratis Buch: 👉 7 Wege Geld im Internet zu verdienen: https://kurs-online.net/ Kanalmitglied werden und exklusive Vorteile erhalten: 👉https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVSM… https://jeromus.de/produkt-kategorie/schermbecker-survival-store-de/

Putin compares Ukraine to Stalingrad battle | DW News

DW News4,43 Mio. Abonnenten Speichern192.326 Aufrufe 02.02.2023 #Putin#Germany#Russia Russian President Vladimir Putin sought to rally Russians around the war in Ukraine on the occasion of Nazi Germany’s defeat in Stalingrad 80 years ago, at a ceremony to mark the anniversary of the Soviet victory. “We are again being threatened by German Leopard tanks!” Putin said, in […]

Renske Leijten is niet te spreken over de CORRUPTE top van de Politie!

KafkaNL52.800 Abonnenten Clip2.456 Aufrufe 02.02.2023Renske Leijten is niet te spreken over de C0RRUPTE top van de P0litie! https://jeromus.de/produkt-kategorie/schermbecker-survival-store-de/

JUST IN: Trump Reveals Plan To Ban Gender-Affirming Care For Minors Including Punishment For Doctors

Forbes Breaking News1,44 Mio. Abonnenten Speichern745.967 Aufrufe 31.01.2023 In a video released to social media, former President Trump detailed his plan to ban gender-affirming care for minors. https://jeromus.de/produkt-kategorie/merc-mafia-support-shop/ https://jeromus.de/produkt-kategorie/save-the-world/ https://jeromus.de/produkt-kategorie/555-laeuft-mit-gott/ https://jeromus.de/produkt-kategorie/schermbecker-survival-store-de/

Caroline is FEL tegen VVD’er! ‘Ik ga door tot NIET-Geprikten een excuus krijgen!’

KafkaNL52.600 Abonnenten Clip8.182 Aufrufe 01.02.2023 Caroline is FEL tegen VVD’er! ‘Ik ga door tot NIET-Gepr!kten een €xcuus krijgen! https://jeromus.de/produkt-kategorie/jeromus-555/ https://jeromus.de/produkt-kategorie/schermbecker-survival-store-de/