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Volksunterdrückung #16 : kommunikations Einschränkungen – Jeromus.de

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In het hol van de leeuw: Baudet in Davos voor WEF-conferentie

Forum voor Democratie158.000 Abonnenten Speichern82.793 Aufrufe 21.01.2023 Thierry Baudet ging naar het World Economic Forum in Davos om onderzoek te doen en verslag uit de brengen over zijn bevindingen. Bekijk hier de aftermovie! Word lid: https://fvd.nl/wordlid ► NIEUWSBRIEF: https://www.fvd.nl/nu ► TELEGRAM: https://t.me/FVDNL ► FACEBOOK: https://facebook.com/forumvoordemocratie ► INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/fvdnl/ ► TWITTER: https://twitter.com/fvdemocratie ► TIKTOK: https://www.tiktok.com/@forumvdemocra… ► […]

Internet Censorship is COMING! This You NEED To Know!

Coin Bureau2,2 Mio. Abonnenten Herunterladen Clip168.912 Aufrufe 08.01.2023 #crypto#censorship#socialmedia🛒 Get The Hottest Crypto Deals 👉 http://www.coinbureau.com/deals 📲 Insider Info in my Socials 👉 https://guy.coinbureau.com/socials/ 👕 My Merch Store 👉https://store.coinbureau.com 🔥 TOP Crypto TIPS In My Newsletter 👉 https://guy.coinbureau.com/signup/ ~~~~~ 📺Essential Videos📺 UK Gilt Market Collapse 👉 https://youtu.be/Ib5SToFjtYQ United Nations SDGs 2030 👉 https://youtu.be/uwRSzNTp2ko Weather Modification 👉 […]

“THE MATRIX ATTACKED ME” (Andrew Tate) | Hält das System uns klein?

Doppelter Espresso mit Torben Platzer4820 Abonnenten Thanks18.458 Aufrufe 04.01.2023 #torbenplatzer#podcast#doppelterespressoDer umstrittene Influencer und ehemalige professionelle Kickboxer Andrew Tate wurde wegen des Verdachts auf Menschenhandel, Vergewaltigung und Bildung einer kriminellen Organisation in Rumänien festgenommen. Seine letzten Worte bei seiner Festnahme waren “The Matrix has attacked me”. Das nutzt Torben zum Anlass, um in der heutigen Folge […]

Reacting to Andrew Tate’s Arrest

PowerfulJRE13,8 Mio. Abonnenten Clip3.326.483 Aufrufe 05.01.2023 #1920Taken from JRE #1920 w/Dave Portnoy: https://open.spotify.com/episode/0QFK… https://jeromus.de/produkt-kategorie/big-prepping-de/

Gravitas: China’s financial capital collapses, 70% of Shanghai residents infected with Wuhan virus

WION7,2 Mio. Abonnenten Speichern375.927 Aufrufe 03.01.2023 #shanghai#wuhanvirus#wion Reports say 70% of Shanghai’s residents have been infected with the Wuhan virus. Desperate China has resorted to testing toilet water for infection. Molly Gambhir tells you. #shanghai#wuhanvirus https://jeromus.de/produkt-kategorie/notvorrat-pakete-langzeitnahrung/ https://jeromus.de/produkt-kategorie/alternative-off-grid-systemen/ https://jeromus.de/produkt-kategorie/schermbecker-survival-store-de/

Andrew Tate ex girlfriend Manager expose MASSIVE Update after Supercars SEIZED

Anthonyspade Reaction 208.000 Abonnenten Clip32.407 Aufrufe 03.01.2023 #anthonyspade Andrew Tate ex girlfriend Manager Gives MASSIVE Update after Supercars SEIZED Watch My Most Popular Videos Here! – https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLm… Email videos for reaction : anthonyspade52@gmail.com LINK TO INTRO SONG: https://youtu.be/YzDVdy4VCW8#anthonyspade cashapp: $anthonyspade1 SECOND CHANNEL NEWEST VIDEO LINK: https://youtu.be/QRFQmQSOTlc INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/life_with_a… https://jeromus.de/produkt-kategorie/buc/

Really, Andrew Tate?? Sitdown with Michael Franzese

Michael Franzese987.000 Abonnenten Clip443.867 Aufrufe 31.12.2022 #AndrewTate#MichaelFranzese#SitDownToday I’m going to talk about something that just about everybody on social media should be aware of: the recent arrest of Andrew Tate. He is a kickboxer and one of the biggest influencers on social media in recent times. He was arrested recently in Romania allegedly for human […]

Elon Musk Makes Sensational Claim: USA Policing the World Through Twitter, Facebook?

Firstpost180.000 Abonnenten Thanks23.599 Aufrufe 29.12.2022 #twitter#elonmusk#joebidenElon Musk Makes Sensational Claim: USA Policing the World Through Twitter, Facebook? Is the USA Playing Global Cop Online? Is Big Tech on the US government’s payroll? And how deep does USA’s interference in Big Tech go? The collusion between Big Tech and the US government has been unmasked rather […]

Fleur Agema: Hugo de Jonge heeft als een maffia-baas mensen BANG gemaakt & onder DRUK gezet!

KafkaNL47.800 Abonnenten Clip6.707 Aufrufe 22.12.2022 Fleur Agema: Hugo de Jonge heeft mensen B@NG gemaakt & onder DRUK gezet!

blckbx today: ‘Twitter zusteronderneming FBI’ | Stikstof EU-beleid? | Water aan de lippen bij boeren

BLCKBX158.000 Abonnenten Speichern19.974 Aufrufe Live übertragen am 21.12.2022 #116Bekijk de volledige uitzending van blckbx today #116 woensdag 21 december 2022 via: https://www.blckbx.tv/livestreams/blc… Woensdag 21 december 2022 – Nadat afgelopen week deel 6 en 7 werden uitgebracht, werd gisterenavond deel 8 gepubliceerd van de Twitter files. De files geven inzicht over de invloed van het Amerikaanse […]

Elon Musk’s “Free Speech” Plan for Twitter,

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon30,3 Mio. Abonnenten 238.373 Aufrufe vor 6 Monaten Jimmy talks about Elon Musk’s ideas for Twitter and former President Trump being held in contempt of court for failing to turn over documents.

World Health Organization Takes Full Control of “Vaccine” Narrative on YouTube

The JD Rucker Show Published October 29, 2022 82,742 ViewsSUBSCRIBE31.8KJOINSHARE Streamed on: Oct 29, 6:30 pm EDT 762rumblesEMBED Enjoyed this video? Join my Locals community for exclusive content at ffn.locals.com! Vaxxed or not, protect yourself and improve your immunity with the product that got me banned by YouTube: https://zstacklife.com/freedom It’s funny how the powers-that-be force compliance through psychological tactics that were […]

Security News 

Zscaler CEO: ‘Major’ EU Internet Cable Cut Was JAY FITZGERALD  OCTOBER 20, 2022, 02:09 PM EDT Cybersecurity firm tries to mitigate damage that’s disrupted Internet connectivity in Europe, U.S. and Asia.       SHARE THIS Zscaler chief executive Jay Chaudhry is calling a severed fiber cable in the south of France an “act of vandalism” that’s […]

When the Internet Goes Down… Know This

30K views 2 hours agoCanadian Prepper844K subscribers