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WARNING ⚠️ YouTube, Google About To Go OFFLINE?!? – Feds issue EMERGENCY ALERT | off grid shtf prep

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Scholz im TV: Es gibt keine Sanktionen gegen russisches Gas

Vermietertagebuch – Alexander Raue234.000 Abonnenten Mitglied werden Thanks107.923 Aufrufe 17.10.2023 Die Lügen von Olaf Scholz werden immer krasser und offensichtlicher. Heute sagte er live im Fernsehen, dass es keine Sanktionen gegen russisches Gas gibt! Das ist natürlich komplett gelogen, wie ich dir gleich zeigen werde.

How To Power Essential Devices When The Grid Goes Down (i.e., Refrigerator) – vs2

City Prepping950.000 Abonnenten Thanks26.612 Aufrufe Premiere vor 13 Stunden. #diy#prepper#solar If the grid goes down, how will you power important appliances such as a refrigerator? In this video, we’ll cover the basics, learn how to calculate the amount of power you’ll need, and help you to determine what option is best for you. Links from […]

We Went to East Palestine: What We Saw May Shock You

More Perfect Union174.000 Abonnenten Speichern97.467 Aufrufe 09.03.2023 We went down to East Palestine for a week to get residents’ side of the story after the Ohio rail disaster. People told us they’re getting sick and their pets are dying, while Norfolk Southern is trying to cover it up. The Holler | @heyjohnrussell reports. related article […]

One Catches Fire in Kansas | National News & World Reports

The Poplar Report87.700 Abonnenten Thanks4.733 Aufrufe 24.02.2023 #inflation#breakingnews#dailynewsMore derailments all over the country as an ice storm knocks out power to 5 million in Michigan. Explosions reported at a nuclear site in Iran causing concerns to be raised. The Most Important Prep – (Antibiotics) http://jasemedical.com/poplarprepared… related article: Ohio Train Derailment: Let’s Call It What It […]

Ohio Train Derailment: Let’s Call It What It Is…

City Prepping865.000 Abonnenten Thanks8.066 Aufrufe 22.02.2023 #shtf#prepper#newsThe situation in Ohio really shows the depth of corruption, cover-up, and blatant disregard for human life. It’s truly criminal and it underlines how important it is for you to prepare yourself. Download the Start Preparing! Survival Guide here: https://cityprepping.tv/38C5Ftt – start your preparedness journey: https://cityprepping.tv/3lbc0P9 How to survive […]

Reporter Seymour Hersh on “How America Took Out the Nord Stream Pipeline”: Exclusive TV Interview

Democracy Now!1,34 Mio. Abonnenten Speichern1.407.283 Aufrufe 15.02.2023 Latest ShowsUPDATE: We have blurred some imagery about 30 seconds into the video in response to a content warning from YouTube that severely limited the reach of this interview. What you see now is an edited version. For the uncensored version of this interview that aired on our show, […]

Electric Grid ATTACKED – 50,000 WITHOUT POWER – Trains & Airports OFFLINE | Patrick Humphrey

Patrick Humphrey77.400 Abonnenten Thanks10.358 Aufrufe vor 4 Stunden Follow me on Twitter Just in Case https://twitter.com/PatrickHumphre We’ve witnessed attacks on power substations and events taking down our grid, but what’s causing this? Download the Start Preparing! Survival Guide here: https://bit.ly/3xWhVwZ – start your preparedness journey: https://bit.ly/3xZhWlY LINKS Assessing & Addressing Your Energy Needs- https://youtu.be/JcJf6OP7bGU One […]

Zelensky Meets Soldiers In Bakhmut, Explosion Rocks Russian Gas Pipeline, Putin’s Big War Admission

CRUX1,65 Mio. Abonnenten Thanks90.417 Aufrufe 20.12.2022 #russianukrainewar#putin#zelenskyinbakhmutAs the war in Ukraine continues, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky made a surprise visit to the front-line city of Bakhmut. Zelensky met his soldiers and honoured them. Meanwhile, an explosion in a Russian gas pipeline rocked Russia’s Chuvashia area. Russian President Vladimir Putin also made a shocking revelation about the […]


Canadian Prepper886.000 Abonnenten Thanks115.406 Aufrufe 05.12.2022 The US power grid was just attacked, who committed the act? The FBI is investigating. Only a handful of substations need to go down to plunge North America into darkness.


Full Spectrum Survival342.000 Abonnenten Thanks53.166 Aufrufe 05.12.2022 #breakingnews#ECONOMY#NEWS The news is here because of members like you! 🛑 PLEASE HELP TO SUPPORT WHAT WE DO 🛑 https://www.patreon.com/fullspectrums… — Join us on there! You Will Get : * Waterproof Physical Survival Cards sent to you in the mail every single month! *At the $10 level * […]

Major Chevron Plant On Fire

Poplar Preparedness71.300 Abonnenten Mitglied werden https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qEWj-e0grgM 37.629 Aufrufe 10.11.2022 The El Segundo Chevron refinery is burning and this will impact diesel and gas supplies on the West Coast of the USA. Genesis Gold Group https://genesisgoldgroup.com/ Jonathan – 1-800-200-4653

Russia says UK navy blew up Nord Stream, London denies involvement

By Guy Faulconbridge  and Sachin Ravikumar LONDON, Oct 29 (Reuters) – Russia’s defence ministry said on Saturday that British navy personnel blew up the Nord Stream gas pipelines last month, a claim that London said was false and designed to distract from Russian military failures in Ukraine. Russia did not give evidence for its claim that a […]

(october 4th) “US attacked Nord Stream, TurkStream likely to be next”

Onur Sinan Güzaltan United World International expert Onur Sinan Guzaltan evaluated Turkish-Russian relations, the sabotage of the Nord Stream pipeline and the future of the war in Ukraine in a Russia Today broadcast. Stating that the sabotage of the Nord Stream pipeline was organized by the USA, Guzaltan drew attention to the possibility of similar […]

TERRORISTS attempt ANOTHER pipeline attack in Turkey, Putin responds | Redacted with Clayton Morris

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northstream explosions! Russia loses trumpcard and massiv income, Europe loses gas deliveries just before winter, Who did it?? Who profits??

Kremlin dismisses ‘stupid’ claims Russia attacked Nord Stream Reuters MOSCOW, Sept 28 (Reuters) – The Kremlin on Wednesday said claims that Russia was somehow behind a possible attack on the Nord Stream gas pipelines were stupid, adding that the United States had opposed the pipelines and its companies had made big profits supplying gas to […]

Nord Stream Explosion: was bekannt ist, was nun geschieht

 29.09.2022  Lesezeit: ca. 6 Minuten Die beiden Röhren der Ostsee-Pipeline Nord Stream sind an mehreren Stellen beschädigt, Gas kann nicht mehr geliefert werden. Was steckt dahinter und wie schnell können sie repariert werden? Wie vor einigen Stunden bekannt wurde, haben Explosionen die Pipelines Nord Stream 1 und Nord Stream 2 so beschädigt, dass kein Gas durch die […]

Huge explosions detected close to Russian gas pipeline after leaks caused by ‘sabotage’

‘There is no doubt that these were explosions,’ says expert Thomas Kingsley13 hours ago 256Comments Denmark and Sweden issue navigation warnings over Nord Stream gas leaks For free real time breaking news alerts sent straight to your inbox sign up to our breaking news emails SIGN UPI would like to be emailed about offers, events […]

Valdez refinery halts fuel loading after tanker truck loading diesel explodes, officials say

By Zaz Hollander Updated: June 29, 2022Published: June 28, 2022 A tanker truck that caught fire at a Valdez refinery Monday afternoon halted fuel-loading activities at the facility on Tuesday, state officials say. The truck was loading diesel when the explosion occurred, according to the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation. The fire at the Petro Star […]

Gas pipeline explosion leads to blackout across Syria

Issued on: 24/08/2020 – 10:52 Text by:FRANCE 24Follow A suspected attack on a pipeline in Syria caused a nationwide blackout overnight, the state news agency quoted authorities as saying Monday. According to SANA, the electricity minister said a pipeline explosion in the Damascus area late Sunday “led to an electricity blackout across Syria“. The oil and mineral […]