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Jordan Peterson’s Realization About the Bible (Conformation)

PowerfulJRE14 Mio. Abonnenten Clip7.278.459 Aufrufe 25.01.2022 #1769Taken from JRE #1769 w/Jordan Peterson:…

Tucker: This is a matter of national survival

Fox News10,3 Mio. Abonnenten Speichern487.533 Aufrufe Premiere vor 6 Stunden. #FoxNews#tucker Fox News host Tucker Carlson voices his concerns over the egg shortage on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’ #FoxNews#tucker Subscribe to Fox News! Watch more Fox News Video: Watch Fox News Channel Live: FOX News Channel (FNC) is a 24-hour all-encompassing news service delivering […]

There is no overpopulation!

Eliminate Poverty & The World Will Become More Sustainable JRE-Daily-Updates13.400 Abonnenten Clip69.943 Aufrufe 31.01.2023 #1933#jre#jamievernon Eliminate Poverty & The World Will Become More Sustainable Dr. Jordan B. Peterson is a clinical psychologist, the author of several best-selling books, among them “12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos,” and “Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for […]

…And No One Will Notice! | EU Starts SECRETLY Adding In Ze Bugs

The Poplar Report83.400 Abonnenten Mitglied werden Clip1.673 Aufrufe 30.01.2023 #emptyshelves#Foodshortages#Inflation Last week the EU quietly added bugs to manufactured and processed foods in Europe. Those with allergies and religious concerns are left with little information or recourse.


Alaska Prepper200.000 Abonnenten Thanks32.661 Aufrufe 30.01.2023 ALASKA OIL – GOLD – SILVER GONE TO $0.00 ON THE U.S. NATIONAL DEBT CLOCK – IS THIS THE GREAT RESET? Thank you for joining me today, Many Blessings to all of you and your Families. TO SUPPORT THE CHANNEL PLEASE SEE LINKS BELOW: Contingency Medical Emergency Antibiotics (10% […]

Congress ERUPTS as Ted Cruz HUMILIATES Joe Biden’s Lawyer witg new facts

REPEL BLUE TV89.300 Abonnenten Thanks324.657 Aufrufe 30.01.2023 Congress ERUPTS as Ted Cruz HUMILIATES Joe Biden’s Lawyer witg new facts

Free Julian Assange: Noam Chomsky, Dan Ellsberg & Jeremy Corbyn Lead Call at Belmarsh Tribunal

Democracy Now!1,29 Mio. Abonnenten Speichern456.141 Aufrufe 23.01.2023 Latest Shows Former British Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg, famed linguist and dissident Noam Chomsky and others gave testimony Friday at the Belmarsh Tribunal in Washington, D.C., calling on President Biden to drop charges against Julian Assange. The WikiLeaks founder has been languishing for close […]

STATUS QUO 2023 – World War 3 – all three wars were planned!!

It´s time to wake up!! JFK tried to warn us!! It is written in stone (georgia guidestones) that only 500 million people should be alive on earth!! It is predicted that in 2024 only half of the people on earth would be alive!! American President albert pike (mason) wrote a letter planning 3 great World […]

NATO to directly fight Putin’s army? Top official’s big signal for Russia amid Ukraine onslaught

Hindustan Times5,12 Mio. Abonnenten Speichern79.305 Aufrufe 29.01.2023 #russia#ukraine#nato In a direct warning to Russian President Vladimir Putin, a top NATO military official has said that the alliance is ready for a direct confrontation with Moscow. In an interview to a Portuguese TV channel, Admiral Rob Bauer, Chair of the NATO Military Committee insisted that the alliance […]

Tyre Nichols death | Memphis: Scorpion police unit disbanded, victim’s family welcomes decision

WION7,25 Mio. Abonnenten Speichern692 Aufrufe 29.01.2023 #TyreNichols#death#WIONAfter the shocking death of Tyre Nichols, the Memphis Police disbanded five officers of a specialized unit who are involved in the beating of the 29-year-old to death. Nicole died in hospital on January 10th, three days after being stopped and beaten by police on suspicion of reckless driving. #TyreNichols#death#WION […]

Kriegserklärung an Russland: Baerbock muss zurücktreten! | Alexander von Wrese (fckAfD)

Deutschland Kurier148.000 Abonnenten Speichern213.917 Aufrufe 29.01.2023 #russland#baerbock#kriegserklärungAußenministerin Baerbock ist an Verantwortungslosigkeit nicht mehr zu übertreffen: Im Europarat tätigte sie die Aussage, wir seien im Krieg mit Russland. Es wird höchste Zeit, dass sie ihren Platz räumt! Ein Kommentar des Kreisvorsitzenden der AfD Mülheim an der Ruhr (NRW), Alexander von Wrese.

Und schon die nächste Blamage: Baerbock verärgert halb Afrika mit Leopard-Witz

eXXpressTV12.700 Abonnenten Speichern80.294 Aufrufe 29.01.2023 Keine drei Tage nach der “versehentlichen” Kriegserklärung an Russland schießt Deutschlands Außenministerin den nächsten Baer-Bock: Sie verärgert mehr als 20 afrikanische Länder mit ihrem Leopard-Witz.

ALERT: Its Starting… Theres Only ONE WAY This ENDS

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Full Spectrum Survival348.000 Abonnenten Thanks69.623 Aufrufe 29.01.2023 #BREAKING#ECONOMY#NEWSJanuary 29, 2023 #BREAKING#ECONOMY#NEWS The news is here because of members like you! 🛑 PLEASE HELP TO SUPPORT WHAT WE DO 🛑… — Join us on there! You Will Get : * Waterproof Physical Survival Cards sent to you in the mail every single month! *At the […]

„Die Aufarbeitung der Corona-Politik ist längst überfällig“ | Béla Anda | Viertel nach Acht

BILD1,37 Mio. Abonnenten Speichern138.223 Aufrufe 27.01.2023 #viertelnachacht#bildtv#bildlive

Senior Pfizer Exec Caught on Tape Revealing Possible “Mutating” COVID Research, with Michael Knowles

Megyn Kelly739.000 Abonnenten Speichern102.814 Aufrufe 27.01.2023 #MegynKelly#MegynKellyShow#News Megyn Kelly is joined by Michael Knowles, host of “The Michael Knowles Show,” to discuss the Senior Pfizer exec admitting Pfizer was trying to mutate COVID research, the referral to gain-of-function as “directed evolution,” and more.

BRICS Is Moving To Flip The World Order – It’s Now East vs West

Sean Foo69.500 Abonnenten Thanks90.538 Aufrufe 18.01.2023 BRICS might be about to add new members to the bloc in 2023. And if they add in the right countries, this could be a powerful challenge to the Western financial order. We are talking about a group that has a growing population, control over essential commodities and the […]

US: Donald Trump kicks off 2024 Presidential campaign, first candidate to do so | World News | WION

WION7,25 Mio. Abonnenten Speichern25.905 Aufrufe 29.01.2023 #donaldtrump#us Former US President Donald Trump finally embarked on his first campaign swing of 2024 Presidential elections. The former President kicked off his campaign trail which stops in two key early voting states – New Hampshire and South Carolina. #us#donaldtrump#uspresidentialelections2024

‘Pink-Haired Communists Teaching Our Kids!’: Trump Reveals Plan To ‘Save American Education’

Forbes Breaking News1,42 Mio. Abonnenten Speichern500.886 Aufrufe 29.01.2023 In a video released to social media on Thursday, former President Trump spoke about his education platform for his 2024 presidential campaign.

Donald Trump rips Biden over Ukraine war; Vows peace ‘within 24 hours’ I Details

Hindustan Times5,12 Mio. Abonnenten Speichern41.115 Aufrufe 30.01.2023 #joebiden#ukraine#donaldtrump Ex-U.S President Donald Trump has claimed that he could solve Ukraine war in ‘24 hours.’ Trump said if elected he could quickly broker peace between Russia and Ukraine. The former U.S President said that the peace deal is waiting to be done, but there is nobody to do […]

‘We’re At The Brink Of World War III’: Trump Hammers Biden Over Foreign Policy

Forbes Breaking News1,42 Mio. Abonnenten Speichern157.798 Aufrufe 29.01.2023 In his campaign appearance in Columbia, South Carolina, on Saturday, former President Trump slammed President Biden over foreign policy. Fuel your success with Forbes. Gain unlimited access to premium journalism, including breaking news, groundbreaking in-depth reported stories, daily digests and more. Plus, members get a front-row seat at […]

Radioactive capsule lost in Western Australia along 1,400 km route, authorities issue health warning

WION7,25 Mio. Abonnenten Speichern17.973 Aufrufe 29.01.2023 #australia#radioactivecapsule#worldnews Authorities in Western Australia own a tiny capsule containing radioactive materials has been lost in the area and urgent search operation is underway as a radiation from this tiny container can cause tremendous amount of damage to people nearby. #australia#radioactivecapsule#worldnews

Over a hundred incidents US based food manufacturing plants and euthanized animals: follow the link

Revelations 18:23 ‘For the merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.’ Important Takeaways: Read the original article by clicking here.

100,000 Chickens DEAD -Egg Plant & Dollar General BURN DOWN -Food & Egg Shortages | Patrick Humphrey

Patrick Humphrey76.000 Abonnenten Thanks6.394 Aufrufe 30.01.2023 Sign up for $1 Use Code: “DOLLAR” Follow me on twitter Email Signup Patrick Humphrey A massive fire has hit an egg farm in Bozrah, Connecticut resulting in the loss of over 100,000 egg laying hens. Hillandale farms fire in CT was devastating and could be […]

Jordan Peterson Exposes The World Economic Forum | With Joe Rogan

Atlantis Made25.900 Abonnenten Clip782.102 Aufrufe 28.01.2023 Joe Rogan and Jordan Peterson discuss the future impacts of the WEF

2023 NEUER Angriff aufs Bargeld! (KEIN) Recht auf Bargeld?

TaxPro GmbH85.800 Abonnenten Speichern130.832 Aufrufe 23.01.2023 FRANKFURT AM MAIN Händler akzeptieren 2023 kein Bargeld mehr. Den Anfang macht Apple Händler Gravis. Aldi, Netto, Kaufland, Netto, Edeka prüfen ob sie das Bargeld in den Supermärkten abschaffen. Ist das rechtens? Gibt es einen Anspruch auf Bargeld? Das verrate ich heute. Sei dein eigener Anwalt! Hol dir dein […]

Skandal: EU enteignet HEIMLICH erste Deutsche!

Darius208.000 Abonnenten Thanks110.941 Aufrufe 29.01.2023 Lass uns die gemeinsam die GRÖßTE Community bilden! Dafür musst Du mir nur hier folgen: 👉Telegram: 👉Instagram:… Sicher Dir unser T-shirt: 👉… Downloade mein Gratis Buch: 👉 7 Wege Geld im Internet zu verdienen: Kanalmitglied werden und exklusive Vorteile erhalten: 👉…

Verwachte crash op woningmarkt – wat nu? – Pim van Rijswijk

BLCKBX159.000 Abonnenten Speichern17.243 Aufrufe 29.01.2023 Bekijk de volledige uitzending via:… Veel media schreven deze week over een daling van de huizenprijzen. Ook ABN AMRO publiceerde gisteren een sombere verwachting omtrent de huizenprijzen en hypotheekrente voor 2023. Wat is hier precies aan de hand en kunnen we daadwerkelijk een crash verwachten? Ondernemer Pim van Rijswijk […]


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BREAKING NEWS: W.H.O Warns Countries to STOCKPILE Nuclear Meds

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