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Man in America: Exposing 2020 Election Fraud Is on the Ballot in the Midterms

The JD Rucker Show Published October 27, 2022 10,846 ViewsSUBSCRIBE31.8KJOINSHARE Streamed on: Oct 27, 10:50 pm EDT 202rumblesEMBED Enjoyed this video? Join my Locals community for exclusive content at! Best to prepare now: The 2020 election was stolen. It seems many conservative pundits and show hosts have forgotten this. Maybe they’ve been gaslighted like so many Americans into believing […]

World Health Organization Takes Full Control of “Vaccine” Narrative on YouTube

The JD Rucker Show Published October 29, 2022 82,742 ViewsSUBSCRIBE31.8KJOINSHARE Streamed on: Oct 29, 6:30 pm EDT 762rumblesEMBED Enjoyed this video? Join my Locals community for exclusive content at! Vaxxed or not, protect yourself and improve your immunity with the product that got me banned by YouTube: It’s funny how the powers-that-be force compliance through psychological tactics that were […]

Truth Social CEO Devin Nunes on Kanye West buying Parler: ‘Absolutely necessary’ for free speech

MariaBartiromo Published October 21, 2022 4,352 ViewsSUBSCRIBE104KSHARE 363rumblesEMBED Truth Social CEO and former California Rep. Devin Nunes discusses Igor Danchenko being acquitted and Kanye West’s acquisition of social platform Parler.

DOJ’s handling of Hunter Biden scandal is a ‘prelude’ to indicting Donald Trump: Sen. Ted Cruz

MariaBartiromo Published October 30, 2022 11,271 ViewsSUBSCRIBE104KSHARE 765rumblesEMBED Sen. Ted Cruz joined ‘Sunday Morning Futures’ to discuss how Biden’s DOJ has handled the Hunter Biden scandal and what’s to come as the story continues to unfold.

Russland als Bedrohung: Schweden und Finnland wollen in die Nato I auslandsjournal

ZDFheute Nachrichten770.000 Abonnenten 156.401 Aufrufe 30.10.2022Schweden und Finnland wollen in die Nato. Sie suchen Schutz vor der Bedrohung Russlands. Mit ihren modernen Armeen können Finnland und Schweden auch viel zum Bündnis beitragen. So hat beispielsweise Schweden nach der Besetzung der Krim im Jahr 2014 angefangen verstärkt in die nationale Verteidigung zu investieren. Darüber hinaus hat […]

Europe Vs US Live : Germany And France Join Hands To Warn United States | US News

TIMES NOW2,65 Mio. Abonnenten Aktuell 1.299 Zuschauer Aktiver Livestream seit 3 StundenEurope Vs US Live: German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and French President Emmanuel Macron met in Paris to try and iron out wide-ranging tensions from energy and economic issues to the future of European defense. In Paris, Scholz was seeking to develop a joint French and European […]

U.S: Fuelling conflicts by arming the world? | WION Originals

WION6,99 Mio. Abonnenten 171.382 Aufrufe 30.10.2022U.S. is the largest arms supplier in the world. American military equipment and technologies are state of the art and always in demand. U.S. happily supplies to meet that demand – even if it comes from nations in conflict, or repressive regimes. There’s always the bugle of ‘democratic values’ used by […]

Putin blasts West for ‘wrongly accusing’ ‘Russia of blocking grain export from Ukraine | Food crisis

Hindustan Times4,9 Mio. Abonnenten 31.017 Aufrufe 04.06.20222 days after Ukraine and the West claimed that Russia has blocked 20 million tons of grain being exported from Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin has hit back. Calling out the West’s bluster, Putin clarified that Russia had not blocked any exports. “There is no problem to export grain from […]

Biden’s payback to Saudi for oil cuts; U.S mulls reducing military supplies | Report

Hindustan Times4,9 Mio. Abonnenten 59.470 Aufrufe 31.10.2022The Biden administration is reportedly considering rolling back military aid to Saudi Arabia as ‘punishment’ for the decision by OPEC to reduce oil production. US officials told news network NBC that Washington officials have discussed measures, which include freezing the delivery of the Patriot missiles – crucial for the oil-producing […]

So kinderfeindlich ist Deutschland | Die Carolin Kebekus Show

Die Carolin Kebekus Show5810 Abonnenten 106.430 Aufrufe vor 3 Tagen Mangelnde Betreuungsangebote, mies bezahlte Erzieher:innen und schlecht ausgestattete Schulen – jetzt mal ehrlich: Hasst Deutschland eigentlich Kinder? Eltern begegnen vom Kreißsaal bis zum Klassenzimmer mehr Probleme, als in jedes Lastenrad passen. Zeit für eine Bestandsaufnahme.

Jake Sullivan denies Vladimir Putin Claiming The US & The West Stand For ‘Satanism’ although the statue of the devil was put next to the US capitol???

Forbes Breaking News1,34 Mio. Abonnenten 6.272 Aufrufe 30.09.2022On Friday, National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan answered questions about Russia during a White House Press Briefing.

(2013) Russia passed a law prohibiting propaganda of ‘non-traditional relationships’ in the presence of minors, at the federal level. Protection of minors or discrimination based on sexual orientation? Francesca Ugolino Dans Civitas Europa 2013/2 (N° 31), pages 331 à 332 format_quote Citer ou exporter Ajouter à une liste Suivre cette revue Article Auteur file_downloadTélécharger 1In Russia, with the Federal Law of […]

Why This Chechen Commander Calls Putin’s Ukraine Move A “Holy War Against Satanic West & Its Values”

CRUX1,61 Mio. Abonnenten 129.265 Aufrufe 18.07.2022A commander of Chechen forces fighting for Russia against Ukraine has called the war “holy”. Apti Alaudinov said that the Russia-Ukraine war was against the Satanic values of Europe and the US. Alaudinov praised Russian president Vladimir Putin for preventing LGBTQ rights from advancing in their country. Speaking on state-run Russia-1 […]

‘A perverted religion, outright Satanism’: Putin attacks the West while praising Russian values

Daily Mail2,16 Mio. Abonnenten 36.505 Aufrufe vor 1 Monat ‘A perverted religion, outright Satanism’: Putin attacks the West while praising Russian values | Russian President Vladimir Putin attacks the West, saying it’s ‘satanic’ and rejected ‘moral norms’ while praising ‘traditional’ Russian values.

Former MI6 chief predicts how the war in Ukraine will end

Times Radio196.000 Abonnenten 1,1 Mio. Aufrufe vor 18 Stunden “Western policy is for this to end in a way that it actually has finished rather than just provided Putin with some kind of frozen conflict.” Putin will not stop until “he is fought to a standstill”, former MI6 chief Alex Younger tells


Canadian Prepper875.000 Abonnenten 173.131 Aufrufe vor 7 Stunden I don’t know how Britain and Russia don’t go to war after this, USA is fasttracking upgraded nuclear weapons system to Europe. All hell could break loose at any time

Status Quo 2022 – DEPOPULATION – 2024 DEAGEL FORECAST !!

Putin warns the Western World!!! Wake up!! Time is running out!! .. . A commander of Chechen forces fighting for Russia against Ukraine has called the war “holy”. Apti Alaudinov said that the Russia-Ukraine war was against the Satanic values of Europe and the US. Alaudinov praised Russian president Vladimir Putin for preventing LGBTQ rights […]

Xi tightens grip on China, what does this mean for the economy? | Counting the Cost

Al Jazeera English9,59 Mio. Abonnenten 24.551 Aufrufe 29.10.2022When Xi Jinping assumed power in 2012, China’s economy was booming. A decade later, that growth is being dragged down by strict COVID-19 curbs and a deepening property crisis. Critics of the Chinese leader mainly blame the weakening economy on his policies. Yet, Xi has given few signs of […]

Elon Musk übernimmt Twitter und feuert die Chefetage

BILD1,3 Mio. Abonnenten 51.718 Aufrufe 28.10.2022Mit einem Paukenschlag hat Tesla-Boss Elon Musk (51) die Übernahme des Kurznachrichtendienstes Twitter abgeschlossen. In einer ersten Amtshandlung feuerte der Tech-Milliardär mindestens drei Top-Führungskräfte, berichten unter anderem der Nachrichtensender CNBC und das „Wall Street Journal“. In der Nacht zu Freitag seien der bisherige Firmenchef Parag Agrawal und Finanzchef Ned Segal entlassen […]

Tucker Carlson: Propagandists lost protection from Twitter

Fox News10 Mio. Abonnenten 786.712 Aufrufe vor 1 Tag Fox News host Tucker Carlson breaks down the ramifications of Elon Musk purchasing Twitter on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’ #FoxNews #tucker


Alaska Prepper190.000 Abonnenten Mitglied werden 21.149 Aufrufe 30.10.2022MUST WATCH BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE – WHAT HAPPENS WHEN GOV’T TAKES OVER MEANS OF PRODUCTION Thank you for joining me today, Many Blessings to all of you and your Families.

RUSSISCHE MOBILMACHUNG: Erste Welle an Truppenaushebung offiziell abgeschlossen | WELT Hintergrund

WELT Nachrichtensender1,48 Mio. Abonnenten 135.756 Aufrufe vor 1 Tag Der russische Verteidigungsminister Sergej Schoigu hat Präsident Wladimir Putin bei einem Treffen in Moskau öffentlichkeitswirksam über den Stand der Teilmobilmachung für die Aufstockung der Truppen in der Ukraine informiert. Schoigu sagte Putin, das Militär habe 300 000 Reservisten einberufen. 82 000 von ihnen seien in die Ukraine geschickt worden, […]

Russia says UK navy blew up Nord Stream, London denies involvement

By Guy Faulconbridge  and Sachin Ravikumar LONDON, Oct 29 (Reuters) – Russia’s defence ministry said on Saturday that British navy personnel blew up the Nord Stream gas pipelines last month, a claim that London said was false and designed to distract from Russian military failures in Ukraine. Russia did not give evidence for its claim that a […]

Drone attack in Crimea’s Sevastopol; Russia backs out of Ukraine grain deal | World News | WION

WION6,99 Mio. Abonnenten 73.239 Aufrufe vor 16 Stunden After eight long months, the war in Ukraine is getting increasingly worst and uglier by the day. In the latest, Russia’s black sea fleet came under attack in Sevastopol. Moscow said, the attack was carried out under guidance of British specialists.

South Korea Halloween horror: 149 killed in Seoul stampede | Latest News | WION

WION6,99 Mio. Abonnenten 352.868 Aufrufe vor 7 Stunden A Halloween festival turned into a tragedy in South Korean capital, Seoul on Saturday night. At least 149 people mostly teenagers and young adults in their 20swere crushed to death in a stampede and another 65 people were injured.

Werden wir immer dümmer? | 42 – Die Antwort auf fast alles | ARTE

ARTEde1,65 Mio. Abonnenten Herunterladen1.099.894 Aufrufe 27.05.2022Lange Zeit schien klar: Die Menschheit wird immer klüger. Medizin, Technik, Architektur – auf allen Gebieten entwickelten wir uns unaufhaltsam weiter. Die Intelligenzforschung bestätigte das, die IQs stiegen von Generation zu Generation. Doch vor einigen Jahren stoppte dieser Höhenflug. Woran liegt das? Der in Neuseeland lebende Politologe James Flynn entdeckte im […]

Deutschland unter Scholz: isoliert in Europa | heute-show vom 28.10.2022

ZDF heute-show1,3 Mio. Abonnenten Abonnieren Speichern331.162 Aufrufe 28.10.2022Von wegen farbloser Bürokrat! Olaf Scholz mutiert in der EU gerade zum Alpha-Babo und setzt knallhart deutsche Interessen durch. Zur ganzen heute-show in der Mediathek: Jetzt die #heuteshow abonnieren:

China greift nach Europa: Ein Hafen nach dem anderen | WDR Doku

WDR Doku822.000 Abonnenten Abonnieren Speichern58.632 Aufrufe 27.10.20222014 besuchte der chinesische Staatspräsident Xi Jinping den Duisburger Binnenhafen; seitdem steht Duisburg auf vielen chinesischen Europa-Karten. Denn hier landen seitdem viele Güterzüge aus China, und die Rede war bereits von einem Wirtschaftsboom für die Stadt und die Region. Doch in diesem Jahr haben die Hoffnungen einen Dämpfer bekommen… […]

Factbox: Has Russia threatened to use nuclear weapons?

Reuters LONDON, Oct 27 (Reuters) – The West says Russia has made repeated threats to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine, but what has President Vladimir Putin actually said on the possible use of nuclear weapons? NUCLEAR WARNINGS? The recent surge in concern over a possible nuclear escalation come after two Putin speeches last month in which he […]

NATO wants to place nuclear missiles on Finland’s Russian border — Finland says yes

Published 12 hours ago  on October 29, 2022 By Eric Zuesse According to Newsweek, on October 26th, “Finland Will Allow NATO to Place Nuclear Weapons on Border With Russia”. They cite Finnish media reports. Allegedly, a condition that NATO had placed on Finland to join NATO was to allow America’s nuclear missiles to be positioned on Finland’s Russian border, which […]