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31.017 Aufrufe 04.06.20222 days after Ukraine and the West claimed that Russia has blocked 20 million tons of grain being exported from Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin has hit back. Calling out the West’s bluster, Putin clarified that Russia had not blocked any exports. “There is no problem to export grain from Ukraine,” he said in an interview to Russian TV. He added that it could be done via Ukrainian ports, via others under Russian control, or even via central Europe. He also said ports under Kyiv’s control, in particular, Odessa, could be used but called for the waters around the Ukrainian-held ports to be cleared of mines by Ukraine. “But the simplest, the easiest, the cheapest would be exports via Belarus, from there one can go to Baltic ports, then to the Baltic Sea and then anywhere in the world,” he added. Watch this video for more details.

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