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Ukraine Eyes ‘Tank Coalition’ After Leopards, Scholz Wary Of NATO Russia War, Biden Confirms Abrams

CRUX1,68 Mio. Abonnenten Thanks102.367 Aufrufe 25.01.2023 UKRAINE Ukraine has confirmed withdrawal from Soledar in Donetsk Oblast after months-long Russian assault. The Ukrainian military claims to have killed 910 Russian soldiers and destroyed 9 tanks on January 24. Meanwhile, German Chancellor Scholz has confirmed the delivery of 14 Leopard tanks to Ukraine, giving green light for other […]

“Oh SH*T, Putin WARNS of direct clash with U.S., NATO readies forces | Redacted w Clayton Morris”

Redacted1,53 Mio. Abonnenten Thanks98.736 Aufrufe 21.12.2022 #redacted#claytonmorris#natalimorrisMoscow says US policies have the US and Russia on the brink of all out war. Zelensky and his regime are sitting down doing interviews in The Economist magazine and Russia is readying a massive winter offensive with big moves overnight in Donetsk region. Former UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter […]

Gravitas | Ukraine war: Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin to meet soon?

WION7,07 Mio. Abonnenten Speichern3.889 Aufrufe 02.12.2022 U.S. President Joe Biden says he is open to meeting Russian President Vladimir Putin to discuss a way to end the war in Ukraine. The Kremlin says Putin too remains open to talks, but with condition. Molly Gambhir tells you all about it. #Gravitas#JoeBiden#VladimirPutin

Russia’s FSB Foils Kherson “Sabotage”, Zelensky Seeks Guarantees, US Confirms Nuclear Threat Talks

CRUX1,62 Mio. Abonnenten 97.610 Aufrufe 08.11.2022 Ukraine has said that it would enter “genuine peace negotiations” with Russia once its “territorial integrity” is restored. Zelensky urged the US to remain united as questions hover over American support following midterm elections. British Defence Ministry claims that Russian forces are readying themselves for potential breakthroughs by the Ukrainian […]

Why US Wants Zelensky To Rescind “No Talks With Putin” Ban, At Least In Public | Russia-Ukraine War

CRUX1,62 Mio. Abonnenten 61.938 Aufrufe 06.11.2022The US is reportedly urging Ukraine to publicly soften its stand on talks with Russia amid global concerns over the war, as per media reports. The US wants Zelensky to project willingness to enter dialogue amid fears of “Ukraine fatigue” among partner nations. The Washington Post reports that US officials deem […]

US Troops In Ukraine For “Inspection” | Is Biden Risking Escalation With Russia Amid Putin Warning?

CRUX1,61 Mio. Abonnenten 189.395 Aufrufe 03.11.2022The US says its military personnel are conducting inspections in Ukraine amid Russian allegations that Western-supplied weapons are ending up on the black market in Europe and the Middle East. Watch this video to know why Washington’s “boots on the ground” acknowledgment has added another dangerous dimension to the war amid […]

Status Quo 2022

Putin warns the Western World!!! Wake up!! Time is running out!! .. . A commander of Chechen forces fighting for Russia against Ukraine has called the war “holy”. Apti Alaudinov said that the Russia-Ukraine war was against the Satanic values of Europe and the US. Alaudinov praised Russian president Vladimir Putin for preventing LGBTQ rights […]

Putin Using Nuke Will Bring ‘Catastrophic Consequences’ From U.S.: Sullivan

BY XANDER LANDEN ON 9/25/22 AT 12:06 PM EDT00:30 Russia State TV Warns The West If They Are Pushed Into A Corner Everybody Dies SHARE Share on FacebookShare on TwitterShare on LinkedInShare on RedditShare on FlipboardShare via EmailComments NEWSVLADIMIR PUTINJAKE SULLIVANNUCLEAR WEAPONSRUSSIA-UKRAINE WAR National security adviser Jake Sullivan said Sunday that U.S. officials have communicated to the Russians that […]