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Thanks98.736 Aufrufe 21.12.2022 #redacted#claytonmorris#natalimorrisMoscow says US policies have the US and Russia on the brink of all out war. Zelensky and his regime are sitting down doing interviews in The Economist magazine and Russia is readying a massive winter offensive with big moves overnight in Donetsk region. Former UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter joins us to discuss what this means for those on and off the battlefield. ✅ Sign up for our Free DAILY newsletter, delivered right to your inbox first thing in the morning. ➜ 💥 Follow us on RUMBLE: Come follow us on Rumble, a free speech platform, just in case anything happens to the YouTube channel due to censorship. 🚀Limited Time: Get 20 Free stocks with moomoo! Open a free account and claim your free stocks valued up to $30,000 ➡🚀 🇦🇺 And for our Australian friends you can sign up for moomoo and get up to $110 cashback🚀(Till 12.31!) 🚨 JOIN THE REDACTED REBELLION: We’re being censored, and it’s more important than ever to have a home away from these big tech oligarchs. That’s why we built Please come on over and sign up for FREE so we always have a way to stay in touch. 🚨

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