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Oh SH*T, Zelensky Really Just Said That?!

Russell Brand6,18 Mio. Abonnenten Thanks334.406 Aufrufe 01.02.2023 #russia#ukraine#putin To invest in your gut, mental and immunity health this year head to https://www.yourheights.com/brand/ and get 15% off your first month of the subscription with “brand15” After Zelensky essentially sent a love letter to US companies for buying up Ukraine, can we finally call this proxy war what […]

Russia’s FSB Foils Kherson “Sabotage”, Zelensky Seeks Guarantees, US Confirms Nuclear Threat Talks

CRUX1,62 Mio. Abonnenten 97.610 Aufrufe 08.11.2022 Ukraine has said that it would enter “genuine peace negotiations” with Russia once its “territorial integrity” is restored. Zelensky urged the US to remain united as questions hover over American support following midterm elections. British Defence Ministry claims that Russian forces are readying themselves for potential breakthroughs by the Ukrainian […]

Why US Wants Zelensky To Rescind “No Talks With Putin” Ban, At Least In Public | Russia-Ukraine War

CRUX1,62 Mio. Abonnenten 61.938 Aufrufe 06.11.2022The US is reportedly urging Ukraine to publicly soften its stand on talks with Russia amid global concerns over the war, as per media reports. The US wants Zelensky to project willingness to enter dialogue amid fears of “Ukraine fatigue” among partner nations. The Washington Post reports that US officials deem […]