It´s time to wake up!!

JFK tried to warn us!!

It is written in stone (georgia guidestones) that only 500 million people should be alive on earth!!

It is predicted that in 2024 only half of the people on earth would be alive!!

American President albert pike (mason) wrote a letter planning 3 great World Wars. The letter is on display at the London Museum!!

Via Pandemic, Financial Collaps and World War 3 this will be implemented!!

Checkmate for Humanity!!

Now Listen to this!!

A brave Nun warns of Depopulation!!
Muslim Leader Exposes hollywood
Aaron Carter claimed his life was in danger then mysteriously died!!
3 Crypto Millionairs die mysteriously!! Nikolai Mushegian claimed his life was threathend!!

Woman won´t be on the wrong side of history!!
Student says choice is an illusion
Interview mit Jerome Gouvernante 2015 in Deutschland

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