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#AndrewTate#MichaelFranzese#SitDownToday I’m going to talk about something that just about everybody on social media should be aware of: the recent arrest of Andrew Tate. He is a kickboxer and one of the biggest influencers on social media in recent times. He was arrested recently in Romania allegedly for human trafficking, is this a valid allegation, or are just some people trying to get even at him? “Mob Ties” official Public-SALE has begun… Join the Family before it’s too late!

https://opensea.io/collection/mobties… 👉👉Check out the store: https://store.michaelfranzese.com/ “Mafia Democracy” NOW in AUDIOBOOK: https://geni.us/MafiaDemocracy 🍷🍷 Cheers! Visit https://franzesewine.com to grab a bottle of high-quality wine *Maniac Media Group production and Wiseguy Digital 🎤 Want to book Michael for an event, go here: https://michaelfranzese.com/speaking-…#MichaelFranzese#AndrewTate#SitDown

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