Saturday Emergency Broadcast: World on Fire — Sri Lanka Overthrown By Populist Uprising, EU Rocked By Farmers Battling Globalist Takeover

The Alex Jones Show

July 10th 2022, 9:00 am

Meanwhile, the Georgia Guidestones have been destroyed, UK PM Boris Johnson resigns, Japanese leader assassinated, and Putin threatens nuclear war.

This is the great destabilization promised by Klaus Schwab, and only exposing it can stop the next phase of the total collapse — tune in live for this emergency Saturday show and once it’s archived, share it with everyone you know!

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On this live Saturday emergency transmission, Alex Jones breaks down how the spectacular collapse of the Sri Lankan government represents a harbinger of things to come worldwide: mass protests are engulfing Europe as farmers rebel against the Great Reset, mass resignations of government officials are sweeping cross the UK and other EU nations, and a former prime minister has even been assassinated.

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