Dutch farmers

The Dutch are slow to anger, but when they let loose, watch out.

You may have seen the meme or heard the story of how Dutch citizens dragged out their prime minister, killed him and ate him.

The story is true.

It happened in 1672. Prime Minister Johan De Witt was shot, then his body was strung up on a public gibbet and mutilated by citizens who roasted and ate his liver. There is an unproven rumour they also consumed his private parts. De Witt had been in power for 20 years, which is a testament to the slow-burning nature of Dutch ire. When they’d seen enough of him, they resolved the issue rather decisively.

I am married to a Dutch woman. You can rest assured I learned to put the toilet seat down early in our cohabitation.

It’s also reported there was remarkable discipline maintained by the mob consuming Prime Minister De Witt. Only the Dutch could organize a cannibalistic frenzy with remarkable discipline.

Now the Netherlands is making international news (at least in alternative media) as an uprising of farmers brought the country into turmoil.

Tractors blocked buildings and markets throughout the Netherlands and broken through police barricades. Shots were fired at one tractor and an image of an armored “battle tractor” is now making the rounds on social media.

It took years to build up, but policies of a woke Dutch government have finally pushed producers over the edge. A policy to slash the use of nitrogen oxide and ammonia by 50% is being pushed in the name of saving the world from climate change. While the impact on the climate from such a policy is negligible, the impact on farmers will be devastating.

The Trudeau government proposed a fertilizer policy just like the one in the Netherlands, by the way.

Modern fertilizers are the reason the world isn’t experiencing mass starvation today and nitrogen oxide and ammonia are essential components.

Reducing the use of those chemicals will lead to greatly reduced crop yields. Farming is a tough, narrow margin industry already. This policy will send thousands of farmers into insolvency and will lead to spikes in food prices which are already high.

Citizens have had enough and they’re standing up.

Dutch authorities are in a panic and are beginning to react violently.

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

Canada is another nation known for polite subservience. We aren’t inclined to mass protests against the government.

We are known for restraint and apologizing over the most minor of perceived slights.

The world sat up and took notice when thousands of citizens crossed the country in the dead of winter to take part in a prolonged, peaceful protest in Ottawa last February. What on earth was inspiring so many normally complacent Canadians to make such a stand?

The vaccine mandates for cross border truckers were simply the trigger. By the time the protest had developed in full, it was clear people were upset over years of authoritarianism from an increasingly disconnected and woke government. They felt out of options, and took to the streets.

The world was also shocked when Trudeau invoked a modern-day version of the War Measures Act in order to dismantle the peaceful protest. Civil rights were suspended, old ladies were trampled by horses and arrests were made.

Political prisoner Tamara Lich is an example of how vindictively the government is behaving against its own citizenry.

The world is entering a period of instability. Large, authoritarian governments have been pushing their limits in many developed nations. Government reactions to the COVID 19 pandemic have fostered mistrust and led to economic chaos that may take a decade to settle. Rest assured, the unexpected uprisings in Canada and the Netherlands will not be the end of it.

Think of people you know. The prickly individuals who lose their temper quickly also tend to calm down quickly. They vent regularly and it keeps them from really blowing up. It’s the quiet guy you have to watch out for. The one who quietly steams until he finally explodes and, when he does, doesn’t calm down quickly or easily.

The fuses are lit in these normally passive, quiet nations. The pressure is building.

I don’t want to see world chaos, but I do want so see authoritarian governments put in their place by the citizens.

It will happen and we will see more protests erupting in unexpected places.

It’s the only thing that will keep authoritarians in check. 

They will be inspired by those passive Dutch and Canadian uprisings. 

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