Next gen Belgorod submarine able to trigger 1,600 foot ‘radioactive tsunami’ leaves cold water base without a trace.

Israel National News

Oct 3, 2022, 9:11 PM (GMT+3)

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A high tech Russian nuclear submarine reportedly carrying a “doomsday weapon” has gone missing from an Arctic harbor where it was docked, according to media reports.

The Belgorod submarine, which allegedly can trigger a 1,600 foot ‘radioactive tsunami,’ had been stationed at a Russian base in the White Sea since July before disappearing recently.

NATO issued a warning that the Belgorod sub seemed to have vanished from the base, with officials worried that Russia may be in the process of testing its “Poseidon” weapons system, a nuclear weapon-carrying done that Russia claims has the capability to trigger a “radioactive tsunami.”

The drone when fired from the 600-foot submarine creates a 1,600-foot title wave that is strong enough to irradiate a coastline when it smashes into it, Russia has claimed.

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The Belgorod is part of a class of “super weapons” that Putin announced in July were developed for the Russian Navy, FOX News reported.

According to experts, the weapon would be used as a last ditch tactic if Russia and the US found themselves in direct combat and Russia was on the losing end.

While the device is rumored to still be in the testing stages and not complete until 2027, it is possible Putin is testing it as a show of force against NATO and the US.

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