The Center for Information and Documentation on Israel (CIDI) asked Amsterdam and the Minister of Justice and Security to bar British conspiracy theorist David Icke from a demonstration on Dam Square on November 6. The Jewish advocacy called Icke a “conspiracy theorist, anti-Semite, and Holocaust denier.”

Icke is registered as one of the keynote speakers during the “No war, just peace” demonstration organized on Dam Square in Amsterdam on November 6. CIDI is particularly annoyed that the rally will happen on Dam Square. “The place where our National Monument stands as a symbol of our freedom,” the organization said in a press release. “CIDI believes this man should not be given a podium in our country and certainly not there.”

According to CIDI, Icke has been feeding anti-Semitic theories and denying the Holocaust since the 1990s. “His books are full of raw anti-Semitism, and Icke flirts with Holocaust denial.”

Icke is particularly known for a conspiracy theory claiming that reptilians – a powerful group of alien reptiles posing as humans – secretly rule humanity. According to his critics, the reptiles are a metaphor for a partly Jewish elite who, according to the conspiracy, form an all-powerful secret world government. Icke’s reptile theory has recently been proclaimed several times by FvD leader Thierry Baudet.

A spokesperson for Amsterdam mayor Femke Halsema said that the city is aware that Icke is scheduled to speak at the demonstration. “At the moment, officials are considering advice to the mayor, police, and Public Prosecution Service” about this case, he said. The city authorities will decide what to do based on that advice. 

Reporting by ANP and NL Times

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