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Electric car charging in Italy more expensive than gasoline — RT Business News

Soaring electricity prices have pushed up costs for electric vehicle drivers, study finds

Charging an electric car in Italy will cost 161% more than a year ago due to rising electricity costs, consumer portal Facile.it reported last week.

“Due to rising energy prices, in some cases refueling an electric car costs more than a traditional car. And if you recharge not at home but at a public fast station, the prices would be even higher. says the report.

Experts have calculated that previously the cost of recharging an electric car in the country was 50-70% lower than that of refueling gasoline or diesel models. Today, a full battery of a “green car” can cost more than a full tank of gas.

The study found that for small B-segment cars, gasoline for 1,000 kilometers would cost the owner €83 ($83). For a diesel car, the cost would be €71 ($71). Meanwhile, with an electric motor, it would cost €85 ($85) to travel the same distance, even though it was only €33 ($33) just a year ago.

According to the Italian Regulatory Authority for Energy, Networks and the Environment (ARERA), in the third quarter of 2022 the so-called unified national electricity price almost quadrupled compared to the first quarter. As such, the regulator has taken additional measures to contain the continued growth of energy prices. In total, an average Italian family is expected to spend an average of €1,322 ($1,323) on electricity per year, while in 2021 the average expenditure was €632 ($633).

Electricity costs in Italy are exploding – data

Electricity prices in Italy saw record growth last month, exceeding 136% on an annual basis, according to a study by the National Union of Consumers. The head of Italian energy think tank Nomisma Energia said last week that Italy, along with the rest of Europe, was experiencing an energy shock of unprecedented magnitude, with electricity prices having almost doubled. According to him, Italians should prepare for rationing during the coldest winter months. He also urged households to use alternative heating methods, such as burning firewood and pellets, although he added that prices for these were also rising.

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