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44.365 Aufrufe 02.11.2022Ukraine claims that its capital city Kyiv was targeted by more drone attacks overnight on November 2. Ukrainian official Andriy Yermak said that 12 of the 13 drones that were launched toward Kyiv were shot down. Yermak added that Russia is planning to import ballistic missiles from Iran for its war in Ukraine. The Kremlin has said it will rejoin the UN-administered grain export corridor from Ukraine after pulling out over the weekend. Erdogan said Russia had been concerned most of the exported grain was ending up in richer countries. A New York Times report said Russia’s top military leaders recently held discussions over the use of nuclear weapons in Ukraine. Russia said its nuclear doctrine is “purely defensive”, urging an end to “dangerous attempts to infringe on each other’s vital interests”. The US said North Korea is “covertly” sending artillery shells to Russia under cover of shipments to the Middle East or Africa. Meanwhile, the UK has imposed sanctions on four Russian steel and petrochemical tycoons over the war in Ukraine. Putin has asked his newly formed Coordination Council to “constantly and continuously” improve Russian weapons.

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