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And so it is beginning. The federal reserve said to create job loss and companies are saying how much. Amazon laying off 10,000 people, microsoft, twitter, and others following. The end of jobs is here. Gas prices are expected to blow up in 2023. The US is arming Taiwan. Things are getting bad quick. #breaking#ECONOMY#NEWS The news is here because of members like you! 🛑 PLEASE HELP TO SUPPORT WHAT WE DO 🛑 https://www.patreon.com/fullspectrums… Join us on there! You Will Get : * Waterproof Physical Survival Cards sent to you in the mail every single month! *At the $10 level * Exclusive Content As always, we appreciate your views and comments, please subscribe and send us mail if you have any questions! Today’s Full Spectrum Survival episode is brought to you in part by members like you and http://NutrientSurvival.com/FSS, the only company that I know of that keeps the nutrients locked in to long term food storage. Make sure you use the code “FSS10” to get 10% off of your order.


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