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456.707 Aufrufe 01.11.2022Yeonmi Park escaped from North Korea into China when she was only 13 years old. She didn’t do it for freedom. North Koreans don’t know what freedom is. Yeonmi did it for a bowl of rice. While she was fed in China, human traffickers sold her for $200. She lived a life of physical abuse. So she escaped again, this time into Mongolia and then South Korea. Yeonmi travelled across the frozen Gobi desert in the middle of the night, a trek that kills almost everyone who attempts it. And this time, it was for freedom. Yeonmi Park defied the odds and made it to South Korea. Soon, she came to America. In her words, America is the best country in human existence. Yet, Yeonmi has a dire warning for this country. Growing up under a dictator gives her a unique perspective of how a population can be manipulated. She says it’s happening right now in America. Woke culture is the way Americans are being manipulated, and controlled, into losing the freedom that makes this nation great. Check out our channel for Yeonmi Park’s full speech.

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