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A Russian military officer involved in Putin’s mobilisation campaign reportedly died after being shot five times in his office. Witnesses claim that Col. Vadim Boyko walked into his office at a prestigious military academy before ‘five shots’ were heard. As per reports, investigators had found five shell casings and four Makarov pistols beside the dead colonel. Colonel Vadim Boyko was reportedly involved with Putin’s mobilisation campaign for the war in Ukraine. Boyko was the deputy head of Vladivostok Pacific Naval College and was in charge of armaments and ammunition. Boyko is the latest Russian senior figure to have died in mysterious circumstances since the war started in February. Before Boyko’s alleged suicide, Roman Malyk, another officer in charge of mobilisation was found dead in the same region in October.

#russiaukrainewar#russia#ukraine#VadimBoyko#mobilisation#worldnews0:00 – INTRODUCTION 1:37 – WHO WAS COL. VADIM BOYKO? 2:24 – MYSTERIOUS DEATHS OF RECRUITMENT OFFICERS IN RUSSIA 3:38 – ARE RUSSIAN MILITARY OFFICERS FEELING THE HEAT? #n18oc_world#n18oc_crux

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