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Thanks60.219 Aufrufe 29.11.2022China says that it chased out the US Navy after the USA illegally entered into it’s sovereign waterways. Turkey is beginning a new ground war that threatens to envelope the region. Experts say to get 2 weeks of food, 2 weeks worth of water, and 2 weeks of medicine on hand for all members of your family. #breakingnews#ECONOMY#NEWS The news is here because of members like you! 🛑 PLEASE HELP TO SUPPORT WHAT WE DO 🛑 https://www.patreon.com/fullspectrums… — Join us on there! You Will Get : * Waterproof Physical Survival Cards sent to you in the mail every single month! *At the $10 level * Exclusive Content As always, we appreciate your views and comments, please subscribe and send us mail if you have any questions!

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