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Russian and Chinese strategic bombers on Wednesday flew a joint patrol over the western Pacific in a show of increasingly close defense ties between the two countries. After army chief Kohavi’s visit to US, fighter jets and refuelers simulate long-range flights and ‘an operational scenario’ The Israel Defense Forces on Wednesday published footage and details of a series of joint aerial exercises it held with the US military this week, simulating strikes against Iran and its regional terror proxies. “The strategic cooperation with the United States and other countries strengthens the IDF’s capabilities in the face of challenges in the Middle East, chiefly Iran,” Lapid said. “We have partners in the sky and on the ground, but we also have the right to act as we see fit and defend the State of Israel.” Economists say that Biggest jump in the US Job Cut announcement survey series since 2001. And that makes sense, because 2023 will look a lot like 2001. TA sent the following in: This came from Russian telegram postings: – Particular attention in 2023 will be paid to construction in the interests of strategic nuclear forces.



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