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Dutch Government Prepares To Seize Farmers’ Lands, Protests Erupt | Netherlands | Europe Crisis A small country with a population of just 17 million people, more than half of the Netherlands’ land is used for agriculture. Dutch farmers are also the world’s second-biggest exporters by value after the United States. Through the usage of the latest technology and other innovations, farmers have made sure the nation holds on to its tag of “tiny country that feeds the world”. Now you’d imagine that such a robust system would be in sync with the government’s plans, right? Not quite. ——- Netherlands | Netherlands Farmers Protest | Farmers Protest | Europe | European Union | Mark Rutte | Netherlands News | Netherlands Farmers | Dutch Farmers | Latest News | Firstpost #netherlands#netherlandsfarmers#farmersprotest#europe#europeanunion#markrutte#news#latestnews#firstpost | n18oc_world Subscribe to Firstpost YouTube channel to never miss a video:…

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