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Fri, December 9, 2022 at 3:08 PM·1 min read

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  • Angela MerkelAngela MerkelChancellor of Germany from 2005 to 2021
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Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia,  has been disappointed by the statement of German ex-Chancellor Angela Merkel, where she claimed that the Minsk agreements of 2014 enabled Ukraine to prepare for the war with Russia.

Source: Putin’s response to a journalist’s question

Quote: “For me, it was completely unexpected. It is disappointing. I did not expect to hear something like that from the ex-Chancellor. I always hoped that the German leadership was genuine.

Yes, she was on Ukraine’s side, supporting it. But nevertheless, I genuinely hoped that German leadership expected a settlement based on the principles achieved, among other things, during the Minsk negotiations.”

Details: Putin stated that Merkel’s words meant that he had done “everything right” by starting the war in Ukraine.

Quote: “It appears to me that nobody planned to live up to these Minsk agreements… They [the participants – ed.] lied to us, and the only reason for these processes was to pump Ukraine up with weapons and get it ready for military action. Well, we can see that. Maybe we were too late to realise what was happening. Maybe this [the war – ed.] should have been started earlier.”


  • The former Chancellor recently said that the Minsk Agreements, signed in 2014, had given Ukraine “precious time” to become stronger, and the results of this could now be seen. She emphasised that Ukraine in 2014-2015 was very different from Ukraine today.
  • Self-proclaimed president of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko reacted emotionally to Angela Merkel’s latest statement that Minsk agreements gave Ukraine the chance to become stronger and protect itself from Russia.
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