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#Russia#Mobilisation#PutinMoscow has begun a new propaganda campaign to encourage Russians to enlist in the armed forces and fight in Ukraine. This comes despite the Kremlin having denied needing more recruits for the Ukraine war. Russian propaganda videos are being posted on domestic social media channels in order to induce the Russian men to join the war. These videos aim to induce Russian men to join the battlefield through the narratives of patriotism, morality and upward social mobility. One of the videos shows a man who is choosing to fight instead of partying with his friends and then surprises everyone by buying himself a car. Kremlin has said that it has no intentions to initiate a second mobilisation drive. However, the recent ads targeting Russian men have raised fears whether Putin is looking to send more troops to the battlefield. #Russia#Mobilisation#Putin#Zelensky#Ukraine#War#Russiamilitary#WorldNews

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