by Breitbart

December 18th 2022, 6:05 am

Four in ten Americans believe the world is in the last days, a Pew Research survey found.

Of those surveyed, 39 percent expressed the belief that humanity is living in the end times, and of those, 14 percent believe that “Jesus will return to Earth someday” and the “world situation will worsen until then.”

That specific position — that of the 14 percent–  is based on the Biblical view of the end of this age as we know it, with Jesus, God’s Son, coming for the second time to gather His own and rule and reign with them for the next millennium after the tribulation period.

Twenty-five percent of the 39 percent who believe mankind is living in the end times are categorized as “other end times believers.”

Meanwhile, 58 percent, overall, do not believe humanity is living in the end times, and three percent did not provide an answer. 

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Nonne warnt der Welt für NWO

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