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Thanks125.652 Aufrufe 27.12.2022 #oregonpoweroutage#poweroutages#shtfPower Outages : WHY IS OREGON OUT OF POWER? PREPARE for MORE POWER OUTAGES

In this video, we’re going to be covering all of the latest Oregon Out of Power news and why it’s important. From the devastating winter storm northeast Ohio to the pending prepper conditions in Oregon, this is a video you don’t want to miss! Prepping for winter storms is important no matter where you are in the US. With this latest snowstorm hitting northeast Ohio and the entire Northeast, be sure to check out our video to find out all the latest information and advice on what you need to do to protect yourself and your family! That’s right some counties in Oregon were completely out of power this morning 100% power outage in Oregon, so why is Oregon out of power?

What’s happening and why, you need to prepare for more power outages because they’re coming whether you’re into prepping and watch channels like riverside Homestead life or Alaska prepper or Canadian prepper you need to learn more about preparedness and know about these winter storms just like the one in north east Ohio snow and winter storm northeast Ohio, were they got hit hard just like Oregon storm, being ready for winter storms and winter weather is important. This is why flights are being canceled and western. Washington is experiencing power outages and California power outages in 2022. That’s right Washington power outages today nearly 50,000 people currently have no power in the middle of winter and Oregon had nearly 100,000 power outage today this morning,

Oregon power outage was pretty big and they’re still tackling it trying to get people restored with power in Oregon. It is a true SHTF situation for many so whether they’ve been prepping or are a prepper or not SHTF is here for them. It’s definitely racking up to an SHTF 2022 with winter power outages even north east Ohio snow was a lot so this can be a winter storm warning for many to be prepared continue to watch our channel here at Riverside, Homestead, life and other prepping channels like Canadian prepper or Alaska prep or any type of channels that are prepping channels for preppers 2022.

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