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The number 3 Colonial Pipeline is responsible for providing much of the East Coast with a steady stream of jet fuel and gasoline. A major break of the line near Danville VA has caused the whole pipeline to shut down until at least Saturday. Gas shortages and jet fuel shortages may happen in some areas. Genesis Gold Group | https://genesisgoldgroup.com/ Jonathan – 1-800-200-4653 Sign-Up For “The Poplar Report” Newsletter http://eepurl.com/hRgqpr Jase Medical (Antibiotics) https://jasemedical.com?rstr=4425 Use Code POPLAR10 for $10 off Steve Poplar, PO Box 326 Strabane, PA 15363 Twitter @poplarprepared OnScene Daily Reports and Alerts: (Free Trial & 30% discount with the code POPLARPREPAREDNESS) http://www.onscenealert.com Rumble Link: https://rumble.com/vyzv66-most-poplar… Odysee: https://odysee.com/@PoplarPreparednes… BEST Prepping Deals: You Will also support this channel by using these links: (At NO additional cost to you!)




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