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Clip33.882 Aufrufe 20.02.2023 #asburyrevival#asburyrevival2023#revivalTruth Transforms (Episode 75) [TT0075) Non-stop Worship at Asbury University Discontinued The University of Asbury has had non-stop worship since Wednesday, February 8th. Many are referring to this as a revival. There is non-stop worship! There is non-stop prayer! Is this a great move of God or is this not of God? How should we think about what is going on right now at Asbury College? Be sure to watch to find out! [Update to the Asbury Revival] Non-stop Worship Discontinued Public Worship Discontinued after Monday 2/20/23. Episode features Tucker Carlson of @FoxNews and @glennbeck of The Blaze Network (@theblazeprod). Preaching for God’s Glory provides biblical preaching and teaching for life transformation to help believers grow in sanctification, discernment and biblical wisdom to live for God’s glory. I would love to have you join the community of subscribers and receive daily biblical teaching. Preaching for God’s Glory Channel Trailer: If you feel led to give to support the ministry, you can provide a one-time donation at: Watch Next: How Should We Respond to the Majesty of God (Sermon Jam): Growing in Christ:… View Sermon Clips: Truth Nuggets (Sermon Clips and Clips from Truth Transforms):… Truth Nuggets in James: James: A Faith that Works (Series):… View Full Truth Transform Episodes:… See all Playlists:… Subscribe to this channel to be notified of new videos (don’t forget to hit the bell!)… *Thank you for subscribing. Now make sure to hit the notification bell or else Youtube will not notify you of new videos. 🙂 More information about Preaching for God’s Glory: Podcasts: Truth Transforms Watch on Youtube:… Watch on Rumble:… Follow on Instagram:… Follow on Gab: Follow on Facebook:… Listen on Apple Podcasts: – Truth Transforms on Apple Podcasts:… If you feel led to support financially: ————————————————————— Keywords: Preaching, Biblical Preaching, Expository Preaching, Exposition, Bible Teaching, Biblical Teaching, Devotionals, Devotions, Bible Reading, Scripture Reading, Verse of the Day, Daily Bible Verse, Daily Bible Reading, Daily Scripture Reading, Sermons, Sermon, Reformed, Calvinist, Calvinistic, Calvinism, Theology, Christianity, Jesus, Jesus Christ, God, Discernment, Cultural Commentary, Critical Thinking, Sanctification, Growing in Christ, Christian, Christian Growth, Pastor, Bible Teacher, Sermon Clips Template updated: 9/26/22

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Man Who Died and Went to Heaven Attends Asbury Revival and Declares, “Heaven is Here!”

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Thanks10.594 Aufrufe 21.02.2023 #DIPodcastNetworkJoin this channel to get access to perks:… Mike Olsen died and went to Heaven during a lung transplant operation and met his organ donor before God sent him back into his body. He recently spent a couple of days at the Asbury Revival and he says Heaven is there. In this interview, Mike recounts all of what he encountered at the Asbury Revival. For more on Mike’s time in Heaven, check out Randy Kay and Shaun Tabatt’s book Real Near Death Experienced | Subscribe to The Shaun Tabatt Show | ►Apple Podcasts | ►Spotify | ►YouTube |

🔥 REVIVAL HAS HIT AUSTRALIA (40+ Hours & STILL GOING) – Fire Church Sushine Coast

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Thanks25.948 Aufrufe 20.02.2023 #australiarevival#worship#revival#australiarevival#worship#revival#praise Church: Fire Church Sunshine Coast – 70 Sandalwood Lane Forest Glen, QLD, Australia 4556 Something is stirring around the world! Not just in America….other countries are starting to catch on fire! LET THE FIRE SPREAD! Love to see all these young people dancing in the joy and freedom of the Lord! LET THE FIRE OUT!!!!!!

Asbury Revival 2023 – Day #12 !!


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Thanks9.610 Aufrufe Live übertragen am 19.02.2023People are getting touch watching this pre-recorded video from the Asbury revival in Kentucky, USA. Please comment on what God is doing for you!

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As the historic revival at Asbury University stretches into its sixth day, one pastor says the Holy Spirit is now moving in a big way on another college campus. Rob Fultz, campus pastor Lee University in Cleveland, Tennessee, said revival also started breaking out at his school Monday, with around eight students starting a prayer that ignited a movement.

“They were actually talking about the Asbury revival,” he said of these students. “And one of the students asked the professor, ‘Why not here? And why not now? Can we go to the chapel right now and pray for revival on our campus?'” The group did just that — and the results were incredible.”It’s been rolling since 9 o’clock [Monday] morning. And the spirit of God is moving,” Fultz said.

“We’ve seen salvation, deliverance, healing over the last 24 hours.” He continued, “It’s just been a phenomenal, humbling, incredibly delicate move of God.” Fultz said he was on campus until 4 a.m., worshipping with the students until other leaders came to relieve him. Outside churches and faculty have also participated, with some donating hundreds of water bottles and snacks for the students who are taking part.

The preacher, who is in his fifth year as campus minister at Lee, said he hasn’t seen anything like this during his time there, though he noted a revival broke out on campus in the 1970s just weeks after Asbury also experienced one of its most famous revivals. Once again, spiritual activity at Asbury seems to be sparking a chain reaction on other campuses. Fultz believes the nest big cultural revival will come through the current generation.

This is something that God really impressed on my heart for this generation: The greatest revival in human history will come in this generation,” he said. “It may not look like anything that we’ve ever seen before, but it will happen.” He believes the events unfolding at Asbury and Lee are the result of “a pure hunger for a true encounter with Jesus.”

Considering the struggles in contemporary culture, Fultz believes young people are looking for something more genuine and dynamic. “But this generation, I think … the weight that they’re carrying is demanding something way more authentic, something way more real,” he said. “And I really believe it’s that hunger for holiness —

that hunger for a true encounter with a divine God is really what’s driving their hearts and their passion to really just keep pursuing Him.” Fultz said he’s not sure what will happen next but that the spirit of revival is already hitting other college campuses. “I don’t think these are isolated moments at all, because I do believe that this generation is going to see it,” he said.

“I believe they’re gonna see Jesus move in undeniable, unbelievable ways.” Download the free CBN News App:

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Asbury Revival 2023 – Day #10 !! Line Stretches Half a Mile as Revival is on Display at Asbury: ‘Very Healing Experience’

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WILMORE, Kentucky – The revival at Asbury University is now in its 10th day as thousands of people continue to make the spiritual pilgrimage to this town in hopes of encountering more of God. The revival is now officially in overflow mode with the line of people to get inside stretching nearly a half mile long. CBN News spoke with folks from all over the country who were waiting patiently to get into Hughes Auditorium here at Asbury so they can experience revival for themselves. Andrew Hager of Lexington, Kentucky said, “God is here! God is here and He’s working right now, come and get you some, you hear me.” Read the full story from CBN’s Wendy Griffith:…

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Asbury Revival 2023 – Day #9 !! You Wouldn’t Believe If This Was Not Recorded!!

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You wouldn’t believe it if this was not recorded Something biblical is happening in America with the Asbury Revival, John MacArthur If you find The Gospel of Christ videos helpful please consider subscribing by clicking the link below:… ** I upload two videos a week MONDAY/WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY 9:30am Eastern Time* Consider supporting our ministry on of two ways (click links below): Become a Patreon Member:… Buy me a coffee here:… Follow our Facebook Page:


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