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Third crypto boss dies after Russian billionaire killed in helicopter crash


A Russian billionaire that was the co-founder of a cryptocurrency trading platform has died after his helicopter crashed near Monaco.

Vyacheslav Taran, the co-founder of trading and investment platform Libertex, died after his helicopter mysteriously crashed in a resort town near the French microstate on November 25. Mr Taran was an experienced pilot, and had lived in Monaco for a decade.



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Libertex confirmed Mr Taran’s death in a statement, saying that they were heartbroken following his death.

A Russian billionaire that was the co-founder of a cryptocurrency trading platform has died after his helicopter crashed near Monaco. Pic: d3sign/Getty Images

‘It is with great sadness that Libertex Group confirms the death of its co-founder and Chairman of Board of Directors, Vyacheslav Taran, after a helicopter crash that took place en route to Monaco on Friday, 25 November 2022,’ the trading platform said.

‘The Board of Directors of Libertex Group and company employees extend their most heartfelt condolences and sympathy to the Taran family.

‘A well-known and highly respected businessman, described as kind-hearted, polite and humble by everyone who was fortunate enough to know him, Taran was a true visionary.’

Vyacheslav Taran was killed on Friday afternoon after the helicopter he was travelling in crashed near Monaco. Pic: Glasshouse Images/Getty Images

‘Taran was also devoted to giving back to the community and always rushed to help those in need, particularly children,’ the statement continued. ‘Vyacheslav Taran will be missed more than words can express.’


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Mr Taran was married to Hello Monaco publisher Olga Taran, with whom he had three children. The couple also founded the charity Change One Life, which supports orphaned children.

Local authorities as well as Airbus, which manufactured the helicopter, have launched an investigation into his death.

Mr Taran has lived in Monaco for 10 years, and was the latest in a trio of cryptocurrency bosses to have died in the past month. Pic: Sylvain Sonnet/Getty Images

Mr Taran is the third crypto boss with links to Russia to have died in recent weeks — Tiantian Kullander, who founded Hong Kong based digital asset company Amber Group, passed away in his sleep on November 23, while Nikolai Mushegian drowned on a beach in Puerto Rico.

Their deaths have sparked a series of conspiracy theories, including Mr Mushegian, who reportedly tweeted in the hours leading up to his death that he was going to be murdered by the CIA and Mossad.

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