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Clip15.297 Aufrufe 21.02.2023The warmongers are trying to drag us into WW3, which can only end in one way: nuclear annihilation and the suffering and death of all our loved ones. Zelensky, Biden, NATO, congressional and media neocons are insane. And we are insane if we passively allow them to lead us into this holocaust like sheep to the slaughter. We find hope in the fact that the vast majority of Americans are sane, but sanity is not enough. We also need courage. The courage to stand up to the powerful warmongers, and in unison declare: “No! we will not allow you to destroy our families, communities, environment, country, and world!”

Biden Administration Lied About Pipeline Sabotage

Tulsi Gabbard526.000 Abonnenten

Clip13.977 Aufrufe 01.02.2023

Nuland’s testimony 1) exposes the Biden Admin’s lies about US involvement in pipeline sabotage, 2) sets a dangerous precedent that sabotage is now an acceptable strategy, placing our vulnerable infrastructure at increased risk of attack – undermining our security & our democracy.


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