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Here, at the “Jordan Peterson Zone” channel, we transform the original content from shows, podcasts, and key-notes with Mr. Jordan Peterson to provide the viewers with a more immersive experience. We hope to educate as many people as possible through this channel. We also make the messages of Elon Musk more accessible to people that are suffering from hearing disabilities by applying professional transcription to the majority of our videos. We amplify the content’s original message by making it more cinematic and easier to understand by the end consumer. This way, we hope to reach more people and thus educate more people with Elon Musk’s valuable messages.

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Ukraine War”: Killer Robots Spotted On The Battlefield In Ukraine

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Ukraine War”: Killer Robots Spotted On The Battlefield In Ukraine.

Russia’s aggression against Ukraine has been going on for almost a year. If you remember, NATO military experts were absolutely sure that the Ukrainian army would not last longer than 72 hours. But the situation is developing absolutely unpredictably. Also, none of the experts could foresee that this war would gradually become the most technologically advanced military conflict in the history of mankind. Yes, the whole world now sees tired soldiers in flooded and icy trenches, groves mowed down by bullets and shrapnel, bombed-out cities and steppes… But against the background of the landscapes of the First World War, samples of ultra-modern weapons appear on the front.

Due to the high secrecy, this weapon remains behind the scenes for the time being. But very soon you will find out the true reasons for the successful confrontation of David against Goliath – Ukraine against Russia. On the battlefields near Kherson and Bakhmut, along with the technologies of the First and Second World Wars, ultra-modern methods of warfare are actively used. The Washington Post was the first to notice this. True, the articles are not talking about robots, but about artificial intelligence. And although further we will talk about robots, a few words should be said about artificial intelligence. Because the two topics are closely related.

So, to analyze data from the battlefield and select targets, Ukrainian commanders use the artificial intelligence of the American company Palantir. The Ukrainian military is being trained to use the system in Germany and Poland. The system analyzes data from open and closed sources. Public information is supplied by commercial satellites and mapping services. Through closed channels, data is received from military satellites, shooting from drones, images transmitted by scouts in the field.

robocop (1987)


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