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A Russian oil pumping station on the Druzhba pipeline near the Ukrainian border has been attacked. Russia claims the attack on the oil plant was carried out by drones sent across the border by Ukraine. The Druzhba pipeline runs through Russia’s Bryansk region, several dozen kilometers from the border with Ukraine. Watch the video to find is this Ukraine’s strategy of sabotage? #russiaukrainewar#ukrainewar#warinukraine#Druzhbapipeline

Kherson Shelled 86 Times l “Drone Attack On Russian Airbase In Kursk” l Smart Bomb Kits For Ukraine?

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#Kherson#Ukraine#ZelenskyUkraine said Russian forces shelled the Kherson region 86 times, killing three civilians. Kyiv said Russian forces launched 23 airstrikes and seven missile strikes in the Donetsk region on December 14. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has urged Europe to help set up a tribunal to try Russian leadership for the “crimes of aggression”. Zelensky’s adviser Mikhail Podoliak said Putin should accept the “new reality” that occupied areas will not be a part of Russia forever. A Russian airbase in Kursk was reportedly hit by a drone on Wednesday night, a senior Ukrainian official has said. Ukraine has shared a video that they claim shows Russian soldiers fleeing. The EU and NATO are set to formally issue a joint call for Russia to withdraw its troops from Ukraine, according to Politico. Poland’s lower house of the parliament has recognised Russia as a “state sponsor of terrorism”. The US is reportedly planning to send electronic equipment to Ukraine that converts unguided aerial munitions into smart bombs. Russian foreign ministry has said that all Western weapons in Ukraine are legitimate targets for Moscow. The International Energy Agency claims that Russian oil revenues fell in November despite a boost in production. #Kherson#Ukraine#Zelensky#Putin#Russia#Donetsk#Kursk#Poland#Kyiv#WorldNews

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