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The reaction you never knew you needed to see. Taken from the full episode:–live-dail….

The Speech That Every WOKE Person Needs To Hear | Comedian WRECKS Woke SJWs

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A comedian’s powerful speech on wokeness and social justice warriors at the Oxford Union leaves the audience speechless. Konstantin Kisin argues that the woke movement is eroding free speech, creating division, and promoting a culture of victimhood.

He calls for a return to reason, individual responsibility, and an acceptance of different perspectives. His speech is met with applause and cheers from the audience, with many nodding in agreement. The video has gained widespread attention and sparked a debate on the impact of woke culture on society.


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Woke Student Tries to Frame and Cancel Jordan Peterson, gets DESTROYED Instantly!

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Woke Student Tries to Frame and Cancel Jordan Peterson gets DESTROYED Instantly!

————————– Jordan Peterson debated some students at Oxford University. ———————


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