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Thanks180.618 Aufrufe 01.04.2023 #russia#africa#russia#africa#russiacancelafricadebt In a world where debt seems to be an ever-present burden on developing nations, one leader has taken a bold step to alleviate the pressure on a whole continent. Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, has announced that he has canceled Africa’s debts to his country, and is willing to work with African nations to build a brighter economic future. This decision sent shockwaves across the international community and has given hope to millions of Africans who have been struggling under the weight of debt for far too long. In this video, we’ll explore the details of Putin’s bold move, and examine what it means for the future of Africa and the world at large. Other videos you should watch on our channel; Why Gaddafi Was Silenced:   • How and Why They …   The African Leader Who Betrayed Gaddafi:   • The African Leade…   The 15 Countries With the Biggest Oil reserves:   • The 15 Countries …  

Millions Of Refugees Are Now Moving Across Africa (2023) | Global Famine and Food Shortages Update

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1.1 million Somalis have been displaced by the famine and millions more are fleeing the food shortages and impossible food inflation in their countries. This is a humanitarian news story but also a political one as some of these countries are now on the verge of being destabilized.

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