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US Dollar Faces A Rebellion | Saudi Arabia Enters China-Led SCO | Vantage with Palki Sharma China and Brazil have struck a deal to trade in their local currencies instead of the US dollar.Saudi Arabia has become a member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation. It’s a security block led by China. What does this shift in West Asia mean? Palki Sharma explains — #vantageonfirstpost#palkisharma#firstpost#worldnews#globalnews

It’s ALL collapsing and they don’t know how to stop it

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The Silicon Valley Bank Collapse; Is it a Repeat of 2008?

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BREAKING NEWS! NATO 300,000 TROOPS at Russian Border, CIVIL WAR in USA, BANKS Brace for Collapse

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Thanks190.558 Aufrufe 20.03.2023Massive troop deployments are coming to Europe, Civil unrest in the USA, Germany threatens to Arrest Putin, Poland will enter conflict, thats just scratching the surface of todays talk. Buckle up! The financial system is imploding, load up on precious metals, copper, silver, gold at (affiliate link)…

Mass Panic… GOLD EXPLODES! MOSCOW Preps for INVASION, Putin Has No Choice… WW3 or Bust

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Thanks47.404 Aufrufe 18.03.2023The financial system is imploding, load up on precious metals, copper, silver, gold at (affiliate link)…

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Thanks140.892 Aufrufe 16.03.2023The financial system is imploding, load up on precious metals, copper, silver, gold at CANADIAN PREPPERS STORE / Premium Survival/ Emergency Equipment

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BREAKING NEWS: Russia Takes Down US WARPLANE(drone), NATO Retaliates, System Crashing, China PREPS for WW3

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STOCK UP on what the elites are Putting in their bunkers, use this amazing 15% off coupon code at checkout CanadianPrepper

BREAKING: Widespread BANK PANIC, Emergency NUKE MESSAGE Sent to MILLIONS, Countries Prep for WORST

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BREAKING NEWS! China MOBILIZING NOW, NK Nuke Detonation SOON, Bird Flu MAMMAL Die Off, WW3 Georgia

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WW3: NASA Scientist Issues STARK WARNING

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We talk EMPs, Solarflares and and all things EMF with a NASA scientist and prepper Arthur T Bradley. Get an EMF beacon from Arthur Bradley’s website here

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BREAKING NEWS: Russian NUKE Sub on US COAST, 1000’S of US ARMY Vehicles, B-52s in KOREA, IRAN Preps

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BREAKING NEWS: TOP Russian Commander REVEALS Plan, DOOMSDAY Plane on ALERT in Euro, Bird Flu MUTATES

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