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In this first episode host Michael Obeid speaks with Mar Mari Emmanuel, an Assyrian bishop from the Eastern Church about government lockdowns, the plandemic, the rainbow agenda and the silence of church leaders. If you like this episode please make sure you subscribe to our channel. To visit Bishop Mari Emmanuel’s official YouTube Channel, please go to    / @christthegoodshe…   Follow us on Facebook:

NWO – New World Order? | The Global Lane March 2, 2023

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Thanks96.270 Aufrufe 02.03.2023 #christiannews#cbnnews#christianCBN’s Gary Lane covers the latest news from around the world. SUBSCRIBE to the CBN News Channel for more:… SUBSCRIBE to the QuickStart Newsletter by visiting SUBSCRIBE to the Quickstart Podcast. New episodes every morning at 7am: What’s coming up next? Have a look at our program guide:… CBN features 24-hour TV news from a Christian perspective. The CBN News Channel provides independent news programming to an underserved audience to enlighten, entertain and inspire Christians around the world. Comments below do not necessarily reflect the views of CBN. Share this live feed with your friends and family:    / cbnnewsonline   Like us on Facebook: Like us on Twitter: Follow us on Instagram: Contact News Editors:… Questions about other CBN programs:… Questions about supporting CBN? (and)… Questions about Helping the Home Front? Call: 757-226-2333…#breakingnews#politicalnews#christiannews#christian#christianity#church#breakingnews#cbnnews

Great reset is NWO

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