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Nord-Korea will Russland im Krieg unterstützen und 50.000 Soldaten in die Ukraine schicken und weitere 500.000€ Soldaten stehen bereit. Das wird für eine Eskalation mit den USA führen. 🎥 Meine neue YouTube Akademie:…

North Korea are ‘ready to transfer up to 100,000 soldiers’ with ‘tactical units to Donbas’ to join Putin’s war in Ukraine


North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un has offered Vladimir Putin “100,000 soldiers” with “tactical units” to fight in the Donbas.

Putin is seriously considering the North Korea’s offer in exchange for grain and energy which will help Jong-un’s country to alleviate their struggles.

Putin has lost tens of thousands of troops, military hardware and many ammunition depots have been blown up by Ukrainian forces.

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If Russia accepts North Korea’s offer the troops will be will be deployed and will fight alongside the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) and Luhansk People’s Republic (LPR).

A pro-Russian news agency said, “The country is ready to transfer up to 100,000 of its soldiers to Donbas.

“Pyongyang will be able to transfer its tactical units to Donbas.”

Colonel Igor Korotchenko, told Russian state TV, “We shouldn’t be shy in accepting the hand extended to us by Kim Jong-un.”

The colonel, now editor–in–chief of Rossiya 1, added, “There are reports that 100,000 North Korean volunteers are prepared to come and take part in the conflict.”

He said North Korean people are very “resilient and undemanding” and “the most important thing is they are motivated.”

He added, “If North Korean volunteers with their artillery systems, a wealth of experience with counter-battery warfare and large calibre multiple launch rocket systems, made in North Korea, want to participate in the conflict, well let’s give the green light to their volunteer impulse.

“If North Korea expresses a desire to meet its international duty to fight against Ukrainian fascism, we should let them.”

The colonel insisted that it is the “sovereign right of the DPR and LPR to sign the relevant agreements.”

North Korea has one of the largest armies in the world who have more than 1.8 million soldiers almost 1,000 fighter jets, 83 submarines, over 6,000 tanks ballistic missiles and are now believed to be testing nuclear weapons.

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