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BREAKING NEWS! Shots Fired in KOREA, US Naval Alert, US Simulates Nuke War, WARREN BUFFETS WW3 Plans

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What the hell is going on?

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‘North Korea will nuke U.S….’: Kim Jong un warns Biden of Nuclear attack | Here Is Why

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Just days after U.S. Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin’s visit to Seoul, North Korea denounced Washington’s moves with a ‘nuke for nuke’ warning. Pyongyang has blamed Washington for pushing the situation in the Korean Peninsula to an extreme red-line. The United States reaffirmed its ‘ironclad’ commitment to South Korea through deploying strategic assets and scaling up combined military drills with Seoul. North Korea has warned saying it will take the toughest reaction to any military attempt of the U.S. on the principle of ‘nuke for nuke and all-out confrontation for an all-out confrontation’. #northkorea#pyongyang#nuketest#nuclearwar#missiletest#unitedstates#joebiden#kimjongun#southkorea#nuclear#nuclearthreat#korea#southkorea

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