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Thanks741.412 Aufrufe 24.04.2023In this clip, Glenn announces breaking news that may be the biggest story for media this year: Tucker Carlson is OUT at Fox News. Glenn and Stu speculate why the number one host may be leaving, where Tucker will go next, and the DISASTROUS consequences this could have for the cable channel. Could this DESTROY Fox News and be the end of the network…?

Tucker: This is a dark moment in our history

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Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s Political Director, Balazs Orban, explains why dozens of European Union countries are suing his country for passing a law that would prevent children from being sexualized on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’ #foxnews#fox#tucker#tuckercarlson

Hungary Wins Long Stand Off With European Union | EU Forced to Step Back | Viktor Orban

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#viktororban#ukraine#hungaryHungary Wins in Long Stand Off With European Union | EU Forced to Step Back | Viktor Orban It looks like we finally have a winner in Hungary vs European Union faceoff – it is Hungary! Brussels’ strategy to merely oppose the Viktor Orban-led nation on ideological grounds under the garb of democratic backsliding has failed. The heated confrontation between Budapest and Brussels had been going on for a few months with neither side refusing to step back. And now Orban has emerged as the clear winner —- Hungary | European Union | Hungary EU | Europe | Viktor Orban | Hungary Aid | EU Ukraine Aid | Latest News | Firstpost #hungary#europe#europeanunion#viktororban#eu#ukraine#ukraineaid#latestnews#firstpost | n18oc_world

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