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Zuvor hatte der chinesische Botschafter in Paris, Lu Shaye, Irritationen und Empörung ausgelöst als er sagte, dass diese Länder, wie beispielsweise die Ukraine, keinen “tatsächlichen Status im internationalen Recht” hätten. © REUTERS, DPA

Within China there are ‘full scale replicas of key facilities and buildings in Taiwan’ and Frances Eifeltower?!

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Strategic Forum CEO Ross Babbage says China has been preparing for a swift takeover of essential parts of Taiwan with the goal of seizing control in a matter of hours before anyone can effectively respond. “Within China, there a full-scale replicas of key facilities and buildings in Taiwan that they built, they have elements of the PLA, the Chinese military, actually practice assaults on these buildings,” he told Sky News host Andrew Bolt. “They do it pretty regularly.”

China is ‘mobilizing its civilians for war,’ expert warns

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‘The Coming Collapse of China’ author Gordon Chang reacts to Xi Jinping taking aim at American foreign policy and blaming Western countries for China’s economic problems on ‘Varney & Co.’ #foxbusiness#varney

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WW3: NASA Scientist Issues STARK WARNING

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We talk EMPs, Solarflares and and all things EMF with a NASA scientist and prepper Arthur T Bradley. Get an EMF beacon from Arthur Bradley’s website here https://emfbeacon.com/en-ca

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BREAKING NEWS: TOP Russian Commander REVEALS Plan, DOOMSDAY Plane on ALERT in Euro, Bird Flu MUTATES

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