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Spain is experiencing record heat this April. The summer-high temperatures in Spring are exacerbating a long-running drought. The country’s meteorological agency has attributed the unusually high temperatures to climate change. We talk to Guy Hedgecoe, a journalist in the Spanish capital of Madrid, about the effects of the extreme heat. #spain#heatwave#drought

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This is CRAZY!! Are They Changing The Weather?!

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Geo-Engeneering is killing earth!

Volume 3 Issue 7 July 2019
Weather Engineering and its Undesirable Side Effects on the Environment, Natural Resources,
Agriculture and Human Health

Weather engineering scientists developed a new chemtrail technology applied by jets in the stratosphere for decreasing the global warming. It is based on building synthetic chemical clouds of aluminum oxide as Welsbach particles to reflect the heat coming from the sun back in the upper atmosphere, and thus cooling the air on earth. The applied aerosol mixture contains also nanoparticles of
barium monoxide which react with CO2 when reaching the troposphere turning into barium carbonate and bicarbonate leading to minimization of its content in the atmosphere on the long run.

In 2000, the UN approved the first global weather engineering project in the history of mankind to combat the global warming by chemtrail technology for the period from 2000 to 2050 with a budget of US $ 50 billion ($ 1 bill/year) financed and completely managed by USA alone. Since the application took place on the global level,
climatologists, biologists, agronomists, and medical institutions around the globe recorded and explained undesirable side effectsof this technology with severe impact on the weather, natural resources of flora and fauna as well as on human health. These effects
could be summarized in the following:

1) Creation of completely new wind directions by induced air depressions.

2) Dehydration of certain ecosystems through the aluminum oxide.

3) Charging giant air electric fields leading to more lighting that induced wild fires
in dehydrated forests and range land.

4) Increasing frequency and empowering the natural disasters by seeding air with precipitation nuclei causing floods.

5) Cooling upper air layers over warm water causing hurricanes, tornadoes, and building heavy snow and hail.

6) Decreasing air visibility due to suspended chemtrail particles in the air.

7) Causing health problems with allergic symptoms to
chemicals and components of its aerosol.

8) Creation of extreme killer heat waves when reflecting heat back to earth by aluminum oxide.

9) Increasing human mortality in proportion to decreased air visibility.

10) Increasing risk with calcification diseases caused by the stratospheric Nanobacteria carried down to earth on the chemtrail particles.


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