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Clip42.547 Aufrufe 27.05.2023 #claytonmorris#redacted#redpilledtv20 NEEDED FOODS That Will Go Out of Stock This Summer! | with Clayton Morris Clayton Morris joins us to discuss the U.S. economy in this breaking news update. Guys If you’re fed up with the soaring grocery prices, unfortunately I have some more bad news. Thousands of grocery staples will cost you 50% more than they did last summer. Some of them are likely to face even steeper increases due to a myriad of issues impacting food production. From drought to snow to storms and massive floods, extreme weather has battered the U.S. in recent years, and shoppers likely will feel the lingering effects at the grocery store over the next few months. Good weather, especially in the spring when planting season starts, is crucial to growing a bountiful crop of fruits, nuts and vegetables. But the extreme swings this year have left many growers behind schedule, which means we are no longer talking about temporary food inflation, but a new normal, where prices are more expensive and do not return to historical averages. 1. Mac and cheese. Few things are as comforting to the belly as a delicious mac and cheese. Dried pasta is one of those reliable pantry staples that Americans rely on for a filling and cheap meal, but this trusty go-to is getting less affordable than it used to be. The average retail price for macaroni products is now nearly $1.49 per pound. That’s up 7% last month and over 29% since last year. Adding that to an 18% increase in cheese prices, consumers are set to pay up to 50% more for mac and cheese this year. This means that a simple bowl of pasta is not exactly the cheap comfort food it may have been just a few years ago, and the surge will limit the choices of cash-strapped families even more in the coming months. 2. Ham. An easy daily staple to throw on a sandwich during the rush of a day. Ham is another item that’s recently skyrocketed in price. While a pound of it may have set you back about $4.07 in 2022, by March 2023, the price of a pound had gone up to $5.29. That is a whopping 30% increase in a single quarter. Given that meat production relies on skilled employees, for instance, knife technicians to cut off the bone, the production of ham has deteriorated as a result of labor shortages. Right ahead of peak demand, we might see ham prices 50% higher in the summer of 2022. 3. Barbecue meats. Barbecue season is right at the corner, and all meat lovers should expect to spend significantly more than they did last year. All of the top beef steak cuts like fillets, scotch fillet, porterhouse, T-bone, rump round, as well as ribeye, brisket, lamb chops, chicken legs, and pork, and even humbler alternatives like beef mince, sausages, and hamburgers, are going to cost between 12.8% to 25% more this summer compared to a year ago, and about 45% to 55% more compared to 2021 levels. That’s according to estimates released by the USDA. That’s because this year our domestic beef supply is far smaller than it was in 2022. The cattle sell-off that was spurred by drought and higher feed prices initially resulted in a surplus of meat in our food supply chain. But now that these products have already been sold and more supply isn’t coming in, we’re likely to see some empty shelves and much higher prices as seasonal demand peaks over the next couple of months. Four, cookies. Every key ingredient needed to bake chocolate chip cookies and to make them perfectly crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside is shot up in price. And now we’ll have to disperse 50% more than we did just a year ago to be able to bring our favorite cookies home. While the average a consumer could expect to pay for a pound of chocolate chip cookies was $3.49 in 2019, the price is expected to surge to $5.19 in 2023. The New York Post noted that this year US cocoa supplies decreased by 20% while the demand increased. At the same time, lower cocoa crop yields in countries like Ghana resulted in price surges for this key chocolate ingredient. Further, the summer break and the following back-to-school season are practically synonymous with chocolate. Discussed on the show: 20 Foods That Will Double In Price This Summer | Redacted with Clayton Morris Economic Collapse | Redacted with Clayton Morris It’s STARTING! This is how they will track everything you do | Redacted with Clayton Morris It’s over | Redacted with Clayton Morris

What’s in your food? | Dig in 2 It

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When we go to the grocery store, we’re used to checking all kinds of labels. From the expiration date to the calorie count. Now some doctors want you to look for another label – one that says no PFAS. Irish Kerry Gold butter is prized by many consumer reports for its grass-fed goodness. But what consumers may not have realized is that the grease-resistant wrapper contains per- or polyfuloroalkyl carbons, PFAS for short. This is a toxic artificial compound.

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Here is my conversation with Calley Means, who is the founder of TrueMed, a company that issues prescriptions for food and exercise, enabling tax-free spending on items promoting health. #health#fastfood#food ————————————————————————————————————————– WATCH me LIVE weekdays on Rumble: Join Russell Brand Connected over on Locals:… Come COMMUNITY 2023 –… NEW MERCH! Keep up to date, Join my mailing list –…


Food being POISONED? -Dozens of Farmers WORRIED – Major Egg & Food SHORTAGES | Patrick Humphrey

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farmers are worried about food shortages and about the food supply being poisoned. Prepare now and get chickens on your homestead to combat eggs shortages at walmart and food shortages at aldi in 2023. Is the egg shortage planned? or something else

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