Mammoth Overland3000 Abonnenten

Clip165.314 Aufrufe 11.05.2023

Mammoth Overland has created what can only be described as a preppers dream trailer. The base model Mammoth Overland Trailer was already extremely cool and capable, but with a 2 inch lift and larger 33 inch mud terrains, the E.L.E towers over the original HV trailer. But what’s even more impressive is that the trailer was built to withstand the gnarliest of apocalypses! The trailer utilized submarine doors which provide a sealed cabin which is pressurized with purified air.

A drone hatch on the roof deploys a surveillance drone while a 360 boom camera allows you to monitor the parameter from the tv provided in the cabin of the trailer. The new command module interior allows users to optimize their storage and service for weeks off grid. Heated water blankets prevent your water stores from freezing while an instant propane water heater quickly heats water to comfortable shower temps. There is almost too much to list on this incredible off grid trailer, you will just have to see it to believe it!

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