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Speichern26.437 Aufrufe 28.05.2023 #foxnewsHouse Speaker Kevin McCarthy shares that the ‘agreement in principle’ with President Biden on the nation’s debt ceiling is ‘worthy’ of the American people. #foxnews

US Debt Selloff Continues – (Get Hard Assets: Gold & Silver)

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#goldstacking#silverstacking#silverWhat A Stock Market Crash Means For Silver Today (Paper VS Physical) ►… New data from the Treasury shows that foreign holders of US debt dumped more than $111 Billion worth of US Treasuries in October. The largest holder Japan was also the biggest seller, and China’s US debt holdings are at the lowest point since 2010. The global dump of US debt combined with the Fed’s ongoing program of QT may be reduce liquidity in the US debt market enough to trigger a crisis, and if that happens, the dollar is toast. If the fed is forced to resume QE to control bond yields, their inflation fight is over. As global tensions continue to heat up in 2023, this problem is only going to get worse, and more countries and investors are going to be turning to the safety of gold & silver.

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