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Bob Perron, executive director JMJ Pregnancy Center in Orlando, Florida, says he was the victim of what could be a Satanic ritual attack after staff reportedly discovered three decapitated animals — including a small lamb — outside the clinic. The animal carcasses were purportedly dumped sometime during the day Wednesday in front of the building. Perron contacted police, animal control, and an exorcist. Watch him explain the shocking story. Download the free CBN News App: SUBSCRIBE to the CBN News Channel for more:…

Why This Chechen Commander Calls Putin’s Ukraine Move A “Holy War Against Satanic West & Its Values”

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129.265 Aufrufe 18.07.2022A commander of Chechen forces fighting for Russia against Ukraine has called the war “holy”. Apti Alaudinov said that the Russia-Ukraine war was against the Satanic values of Europe and the US. Alaudinov praised Russian president Vladimir Putin for preventing LGBTQ rights from advancing in their country. Speaking on state-run Russia-1 television channel, Alaudinov called American democracy the main enemy of mankind. Watch the video to know more about the war.

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