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Clip900.480 Aufrufe 18.07.2022Jay does a deep-dive on all the features for this expedition-ready, 4X4 camping platform.

Bruder EXP-8 detailed video

Bruder73.900 Abonnenten

Clip774.363 Aufrufe 03.12.2022The ultimate off-road, off-grid trailer. The Bruder EXP-8 is designed and built for all seasons and all environments. A truly global adventure icon. See more at BruderX.com

This Adventure Rig Has a Crane, a Shop, and May Survive the End of Times

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Thanks5.562.135 Aufrufe 02.09.2022 ADIRONDACK MOUNTAINS

In this video we tour Gordo From Earth’s purpose-built flatbed adventure truck bus conversion. Gordo’s bus is possibly the most unique bus conversion ever completed with a spaceship/cyberpunk interior full of high-tech features and with an incredibly well-organized and well-stocked shop, deployable by home-made crane on his flatbed exterior which also turns into a giant tent for camping/adventures. I know it sounds like I’m making all of this stuff up but once you see it you’ll believe it. Check out Gordo’s Instagram here: https://instagram.com/gordofromearth?…

Apocalypses Rated Off Road Trailer Featuring Bear Spray Cannons, Air Purifier, Bullet Proof Glass!

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Clip165.314 Aufrufe 11.05.2023

Mammoth Overland has created what can only be described as a preppers dream trailer. The base model Mammoth Overland Trailer was already extremely cool and capable, but with a 2 inch lift and larger 33 inch mud terrains, the E.L.E towers over the original HV trailer. But what’s even more impressive is that the trailer was built to withstand the gnarliest of apocalypses! The trailer utilized submarine doors which provide a sealed cabin which is pressurized with purified air.

A drone hatch on the roof deploys a surveillance drone while a 360 boom camera allows you to monitor the parameter from the tv provided in the cabin of the trailer. The new command module interior allows users to optimize their storage and service for weeks off grid. Heated water blankets prevent your water stores from freezing while an instant propane water heater quickly heats water to comfortable shower temps. There is almost too much to list on this incredible off grid trailer, you will just have to see it to believe it!



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