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Clip2.512.408 Aufrufe 08.06.2023 #35 auf TrendsTaken from JRE #1996 w/Andy Stumpf: https://open.spotify.com/episode/68nO…

Alex Jones’s More Reliable than David Icke & Defying the Status Quo | Joe Rogan Experience


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Piers Morgan Challenges Alex Jones: “You KNOW It’s Nonsense!” | The Full Debate

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Clip261.527 Aufrufe 12.01.2023 #alexjones#piersmorgan#talktvPiers Morgan Uncensored is joined by online conspiracy theorist Alex Jones over 10 years after their famous debate on CNN on gun laws in America. Piers invites Alex on the show to discuss his recent loss in court to the parents of victims of the Sandy Hook massacre after they sued him for saying the shooting was fake and to challenge Alex on some of his bizarre and outrageous theories over the years. Warning: Some language in this clip may be deemed offensive or graphic to some viewers. Subscribe to stay up-to-date on all Uncensored content.

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