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Prepare for ‘climate lockdowns’: Rogue British council wants to strip you of freedoms

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Sky News host Rowan Dean says according to Darren Birks at the independent website Vision News, the Oxfordshire County Council is planning to embark on ÔÇťclimate lockdownsÔÇŁ in 2024. ÔÇťI believe we are facing a sinister threat to the freedoms and everyday liberties that we and our parents have taken for granted all our and their lives,ÔÇŁ Mr Dean said. ÔÇťBut are being squeezed out of us by woke left-wing authoritarian governments more effectively than a python crushing the breath out of Mrs Kafoops pet. ÔÇťAnd if we don’t wake up soon and start saying no, it will be too late.ÔÇŁ

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