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Thanks52.391 Aufrufe 16.06.2023 WARSAW CHOPIN AIRPORT

South African president Cyril Ramaphosa’s African peace mission to Ukraine and Russia has begun on a sour note. Ramaphosa’s head of security Major General Wally Rhoode has accused the Polish government of “racism and sabotage.” Gen. Rhoode accused the Polish authorities of holding up the plane carrying the South African president’s security detail, media contingent and weapons. He said that Ramaphosa’s security detail and journalists were not allowed to disembark from the South African Airways (SAA) A340 chartered plane. While the security plane remained stuck, Ramaphosa disembarked, met the Polish President Andrzej Duda and left for south Poland on his official plane. #russiaukrainewar#cyrilramaphosa#poland#southafrica#russia#ukraine#warsaw#ukrainewar#ukrainecounteroffensive#bucha#kyiv

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